Tartan Finder

Tartan Finder

The Celtic Croft has the widest selection of tartans to choose from. We carry Scottish tartans, Outlander Tartan, Braveheart Tartan, Irish Tartan, Premium Wool Tartan, and Synthetic blends. Our tartan selection includes pretty much every tartan currently being woven. (We work with eight different woolen mills to bring you the largest possible selection.) If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know. Any registered tartan that is not listed can be custom woven. We are happy to help, in any way we can, to identify tartans for you before you order. Use the tool below to help you in your research but remember that you are always welcome to reach out to us for help!

Sincerely, The Celtic Croft Team


Thumbnail for a Abercrombie Ancient tartanAbercrombie Ancient
Thumbnail for a Abercrombie Modern tartanAbercrombie Modern
Thumbnail for a Aberdeen (District) Modern tartanAberdeen (District) Modern
Thumbnail for a Aberfeldy tartanAberfeldy
Thumbnail for a Agnew Ancient tartanAgnew Ancient
Thumbnail for a Alberta Modern tartanAlberta Modern
Thumbnail for a All Ireland Blue tartanAll Ireland Blue
Thumbnail for a All Ireland Green tartanAll Ireland Green
Thumbnail for a All Ireland Red tartanAll Ireland Red
Thumbnail for a Allison Ancient tartanAllison Ancient
Thumbnail for a Allison Modern tartanAllison Modern
Thumbnail for a American National tartanAmerican National
Thumbnail for a Amnesty International tartanAmnesty International
Thumbnail for a Anderson Ancient tartanAnderson Ancient
Thumbnail for a Anderson Modern tartanAnderson Modern
Thumbnail for a Anderson Muted tartanAnderson Muted
Thumbnail for a Anderson of Ardbrake Modern tartanAnderson of Ardbrake Modern
Thumbnail for a Anderson Weathered tartanAnderson Weathered
Thumbnail for a Angus (District) Ancient tartanAngus (District) Ancient
Thumbnail for a Angus (District) Modern tartanAngus (District) Modern

Premium Wool Tartan

Made from 100% pure new wool, woven in Scotland. This is the same tartan most of you are familiar with, used in modern, tailored, formal kilts. This is your best option if you are looking for a specific tartan, as there are over 500 available. We work with 5 different mills in Scotland to bring you the widest selection possible. All tartans are double width (54-60 inches wide) unless otherwise specified. Because it is cut from the roll and shipped from Scotland just for you, tartan yardage is considered a special order item. Shop Now.

Homespun Wool Blend Tartan

Our Homespun Tartan is made from a 55/45 blend of polyester & wool, woven by hand on old-world looms. It looks very authentic to what would have been woven historically. The yarn is worsted, but not spun as tightly as modern machine-made tartan. The cloth is also not as tightly woven. Homespun tartan will pleat by hand easily, but will not develop a sharp edge. Small snags, pulls, holes and other assorted blemishes are common. Because it is hand woven, these flaws are a natural part of it’s character. Homespun is approximately a 10/11oz. fabric, but feels thicker due to it’s looser weave. Homespun tartan is woven 54″ wide. Shop Now.

Poly/Viscose Blend Tartan

Whether you are allergic to wool, or just want a great looking tartan for less than premium wool, our synthetic blend is a great way to go! Poly/Viscose fabric is a 65/35 blend of polyester and viscose. Both are also made into clothing on their own, but are very different to wear and care for. Blending polyester with viscose gives the best of both worlds, very affordably. Poly/viscose is best described as a semi-natural or semi-synthetic fiber. Polyester means poly/viscose is much easier to care for, as it’s machine washable and can be tumble-dried. Shop Now.

Braveheart Tartan

The Celtic Croft offers the same 100% wool tartan, woven in Scotland, as that used in the filming of the movie Braveheart! A very rustic tartan, woven in natural wool and earth tones, believed to be authentic to that period. Shop Now.

Irish Tartans

Made from 100% pure new wool, woven in Scotland (yes, Irish tartans, woven in Scotland). All tartans are double width (54-60 inches wide) unless otherwise specified. Because it is cut from the roll and shipped from Scotland just for you, tartan yardage is considered a special order item. See Our Irish Tartans.

Custom Weave Tartan

There are thousands of registered tartans, but only about 1400 are in production. If your tartan isn’t otherwise available, we can have it woven for you! These tartans are woven in Scotland and are available in 12oz. (medium weight) or 16 oz. (heavy weight) premium wool. Both weights are priced at $95 a yard. The tartans are 28″ wide. There is a minimum order of 4 yds. Please contact us and specify what tartan you are interested in having woven.

Order Tartan Fabric Swatches

When you have more than one tartan to choose from, requesting swatches is a great way to decide which tartan you like best before investing in your kilt. Each swatch is approximately 6-8 inches square. Swatches are not returnable. See our selection of tartan fabric swatches available to order.

Important Note — Unless otherwise noted, please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery. We agree that this is a long time to wait for a swatch. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it. Our swatches come from several different weavers in Scotland, and they don’t all place the priority on swatches that we would like them to. In fact, some of them only cough up swatches very grudgingly, after we pester them two or three times with repeated requests. Sorry. We do the best we can to get them to you as quickly as possible!