Kilts and Skirts

You’ll turn heads and get compliments wherever you wear your kilts and skirts! Whether at the office, church, or formal occasions, people notice a well-made custom-tailored skirt.

Choose standard (pleats about 1″ deep) or deep-pleated (pleats about 1 1/2″ deep). Made to order in Scotland from your choice of poly/viscose or 100% premium wool and are available in more than 500 tartans. Choose any length up to 28 inches. See below for measuring instructions. Because we work with 8 different woolen mills to bring you the largest possible selection, the skirts below are divided based on each supplier’s price and availability.  They are a special order item so please allow 6–12 weeks for delivery.

What is the difference between a kilt and a kilted skirt?

A pleated skirt is made with 1/2 (about 2 yards) the fabric of a formal or casual kilt. While the kilt makers do their best to maintain a pleat to sett, because of the fabric limitations and the flare added to the pleats to allow for the difference in waist to hip measurement, it is difficult to maintain a perfect pleat to sette with a kilted skirt. If you prefer the look of a kilt, they are available for women. Please specify “women’s kilt” in the comment section during checkout. A women’s kilt has the closing apron that buckles on the left. A man’s kilt has a closing apron that buckles on the right. If you are in a band, check with your Quarter Master before ordering a woman’s kilt. Many bands prefer that all kilts be uniform.

Measuring Instructions: (measure in inches)

Waist — Measure comfortably around your desired waist. This could be at the navel, which is traditional, or anywhere else you want. For example, so may prefers to wear their skirts at the currently popular “hip waist”. We really don’t recommend this for a Hostess Kilt however.

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Hip — Measure around your hips at the fullest point.

Length — Measure from your desired waist to your desired length.