Tartan Scarves

Add a splash of tartan to any outfit with tartan scarves! Available in more than 500 tartans. Our tartan Scarves are available in hundreds Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and USA tartans. Made from your choice of premium wool and lambswool tartan scarves woven in Scotland. You even have a choice of several tartans available in wool-free poly/viscose.

Tartan Scarves

Whether you wear it for style or warmth it’s a great way to add a splash of tartan to any outfit. Approximately 9” wide by 54” and are made to order in Scotland (or sometimes by us, right here in the USA) out of 100% premium wool.

Lambswool Scarves

Made for both men and women, lambswool will feel soft and fuzzy against your skin, even if normal wool makes you itch. They are made in Scotland and measure 12” x 58”.

Waistcoat Scarf

Wear our soft and fluffy lambswool waistcoat scarf, and you’ll know that you have something unique and truly useful. For example, imagine wearing it under your jacket or coat. With its button down front, you get stylish warmth whether your jacket is open, or zipped up tight. Choose from over 200+ tartans.

Please enjoy our extensive online catalog of Tartan Fabrics, Highland Accessories, Kilt Accessories, Kilt Jackets, Kilt Clothing, and other quality Celtic products.

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