Irish Tartan Kilts

From: $175.00
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Rustic Homespun Tartan
  • Medieval Aesthetic 
  • Braveheart Style
  • Durable 55/45 Poly/Wool Blend

Made-to-order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about custom-order items.

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From: $69.00
  • Affordable, durable option made with hypoallergenic acrylic fiber makes the Irish Tartan AcryliKilt a perfect first kilt that is easy to care for
  • This cool and lightweight kilt in Irish tartan is an ideal choice for summer months and for those with an active lifestyle
  • Tough with a high-quality appearance, this kilt is made for versatility. It includes belt loops, three straps, and a buckle
  • This kilt comes with our Right Fit™ Guarantee, meaning an affordable, comfortable, and well-fitting kilt is within reach

Special-Order. Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about special-order items.

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$55.00 $49.00
  • Irish Green Acrylikilts™ – In Stock Ready To Ship, are fully-lined 100% acrylic kilts, making them an affordable and durable option
  • These lightweight kilts feature 3 straps and buckles and 2 ¼ inch belt loops, providing optimal versatility and practicality
  • Lightweight but tough, this kilt is ideal for most casual contexts
  • Available in classic Irish Green, as well as a variety of other tartans, select this kilt to match your individual taste
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From: $329.00
  • Irish Tartan Premium Wool Ancient Kilt is a lightweight kilt ideally suited to outdoor historical or heritage events
  • Three different yard lengths and a range of classic Irish tartans to choose from. Find an excellent fit suited to your personal measurements 
  • Hand-woven and expertly crafted in Scotland for quality and authenticity
  • This kilt is made from premium lightweight wool, which allows for versatility and a cooler, more breathable feel
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From: $469.00
  • Premium wool and authentic Scottish craftsmanship for authentic wear and appearance
  • Tailored to fit your measurements, the Celtic Croft’s Right Fit™ Guarantee makes for a worry-free ordering process
  • Choose from over 1000 tartans for optimal customized design
  • 4 to 5 yards of fabric with machine-stitched, shallow pleats for a multifaceted garment. Wear this kilt proudly to a variety of occasions for years to come

Custom-made just for you. Please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about custom-order items.

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From: $469.00
  • Affordable, durable, and stylish casual kilt that is made with 4-5 yards of tartan
  • Handcrafted in Scotland  and made with any of our beautiful medium weight tartans
  • Machine stitched pleats that are shallower and wider than a formal kilt and is made with medium weight 100% premium wool (12 or 13 oz)
  • Custom-made and covered by our Right Fit Guarantee™. Easily add a matching fly plaid, matching flashes, and/or a kilt hanger


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From: $629.00
  • The 9 Yard Medium Weight Premium Wool Kilt (Irish Tartans By House Of Edgar). An heirloom-quality formal garment made in Scotland for maximum authenticity
  • This 100% premium wool medium-weight garment is available in an exclusive range of Premium, Old, and Rare Irish Tartans. Make your kilt a true celebration of family and heritage
  • Features the traditional craftsmanship of iconic Scottish kilt manufacturer and woolen mill House of Edgar. Using time-honored weaving techniques as well as a keen attention to detail (such as hand-stitched pleats)
  • Available in 8 to 10 yards of fabric, fabric tailored to you for a right fit guarantee


Right Fit™ Guarantee

Custom-made just for you! Please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about custom-order items.

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If you have questions, we have answers. Many people are interested in kilts, and all things Celtic, but are unsure of the history of this famous garment. Read on for some answers to our most commonly asked questions.

While kilts are most commonly associated with Scottish culture, people of Irish ancestry have been wearing kilts for a long time. The Irish celebrate their culture and history with kilts. The traditional kilt associated with Irish history is called the Saffron kilt. Today, the Saffron kilt is mustard yellow with shamrocks on it.

Yes, an Irish man can most definitely wear a kilt! It is quite common to celebrate Irish culture with an Irish kilt. While people in Ireland haven't worn kilts as long as their Scottish brethren, there is a long and rich history of Irish men wearing kilts.

In short, yes, the Irish play bagpipes and wear kilts. While there is much scholarly debate, it is widely agreed upon that bagpipes were originally Irish, and kilts were initially from Scotland. However, these two traditions go hand in hand and are celebrated in Ireland and Scotland today.

It’s not uncommon for Irish to wear kilts to weddings. However, it is more common for Scottish people to wear kilts to a wedding. Wearing a kilt to a wedding ceremony might lead to the assumption the wearer is Scottish. There are kilts in Irish tartan to wear to any event.

Just like in Scottish tradition, Irish people can choose what to wear underneath their kilt. However, it is more common for people not to wear anything underneath their kilt. Today, you will likely find wearers being 50/50 on going commando.

While Scottish kilts can be traced back to the 1600s, kilt-wearing in Ireland did not become common until the mid-1800s. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that kilts became synonymous with Gaelic heritage.

The Irish wear kilts today to represent their identity and heritage. Initially, the Irish wore Saffron kilts, a mustard yellow kilt with a shamrock embellishment. The Irish military wore these Saffron kilts first while serving with the British Army in the 1900s. The Saffron kilt is still worn throughout Ireland today.

Today, an Irish kilt is similar in style and appearance to a Scottish kilt. In Scotland, tartans represent clans while in Ireland, tartan represents counties. If you are from County Cork, you will wear the Cork tartan. Initially, Irish kilts were Saffron kilts, a mustard yellow kilt that represented the Emerald Isle.

Calling a kilt a skirt might be offensive to some kilt-wearers. However, the kilt is a form of a skirt, like it or not. The problem arises in what the word skirt implies in America and much of the westernized world, as skirts are generally associated with ladies' clothing.

Anyone can wear a kilt, but take caution in what type of kilt you choose to wear, namely the tartan. Tartan is used to represent clan or county heritage. There are, however, universal tartans to wear for your kilt, or you can choose a utility kilt in a solid color.