Hats and Hackles

The Celtic Croft has one of the largest selections of hats and hackles to compliment your attire. Choose a hat to suit your style and accent your outfit. Many of our hats have solid color options and tartan options.


The Balmoral is a traditional Scottish hat that can be worn as part of formal or informal Highland dress. Dating back to at least the 16th century. Many o’ Scotsmen say that the ribbon in back should be tied in a bow to show that you are married or left untied to show that you are available. Our balmorals come with a pom or “torrie” on top, although it can easily be removed if you prefer. 


The Glengarry bonnet was worn at least as early as 1812. The cap is sewn with ribbons hanging down the back. A piper told me that the ribbons are not meant to be tied as the glengarry is a military style hat and should not show the status of your relationship. He also said that the ribbons help wick the rain down the back of your coat or bandsmen cape instead of down the back of your neck. This cap can be folded flat and stuck into a pocket or waistband.

Tam ‘o’ Shanter

The tam ‘o’ shanter or tam is a hat of many varieties and names. Some people might also call this hat a bonnet. There are a few different designs, so you may hear two hats that are slightly different both called a tam. Most often you will see a six panel design with an elastic headband, and a pom or “torrie” on top.

Golf and Ball Caps

Classic hat designs seen outside the Scottish and Celtic community today. Some of these hats are one size fits all, while others are adjustable or come in specific sizes. They have a stiff brim to help keep the sun out of your eyes. Whether you’re playing a round with the guys, or out watching your kids baseball team at the local park, do it in style with your Clan tartan!


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