Fly Plaids

Wear the traditional fly plaids to display your tartan in style. A fly plaid looks great with any kilt, whether the occasion calls for you to dress casual or formal. It is worn brooched at the shoulder and allowed to drape down the back.

In general you want to choose a fly plaid made from the same fabric as your kilt. The standard finish is about an inch of fringe on each cut end of the fabric (enough to keep it from fraying) The other two sides are the finished fabric selvedges. Other finish options are available.

Fly Plaid

A regular fly plaid is more common than a pipers plaid. Yard length fly plaids are most common. Then they are fringed on two sides. You fold or neatly bunch corner and bring it over your shoulder to be pinned near your lapel. You can also lightly pleat this to give a look more closely resembling a pipers plaid.

Pipers Plaid

A piper’s plaid is not just for pipers. It can also be worn by anyone for very formal occasions. Wear it with a Prince Charlie or other formal attire. Expert craftspeople make these from a full width of tartan, 3 1/2 yards long! Once 2 ends are fringed, one side of the plaid is pleated and stitched. You wear a pipers plaid by bringing the pleated end over your shoulder and then pinning it over one side of your chest.

8 Wollen Mills

We work with 8 different woolen mills to bring you the largest selections. We divide product listings based on each supplier’s price and tartan availability.

Note — Sizes are approximate, and can vary by an inch or two.

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