Our selection of highland footwear is designed to complement all your Scottish Tartan and Kilt Clothing. Whether you need a shoe for a women’s or men’s Kilt, fear not, we have the perfect shoe for you!

Ghillie Brogues

You have five different varieties of Ghillie Brogues to choose from, so no matter what style yours looking for we got you covered. The choice is yours! Don’t forget to visit our sections on Kilt Clothing and Scottish Clothing, and more!

  • The Synthetic Sole Ghillies: are a great choice if you want a good basic shoe that matches your kilts.
  • The Premium Leather Sole Ghillies: are a good choice if plan to wear them mostly for formal occasions, or for dancing.
  • Our Light-Weight Piper Ghillies: are the most comfortable brogues available anywhere and will look stunning with your Kilts and Tartan!
  • Our Premium Piper Ghillies: are the Sherman Tank of the ghillies world.
  • The reproduction regimental Ghillie Brogues: are the newest option we carry.  An accurate reproduction of the brogues issued to Scottish regiments from the late 1800’s and into the 1960’s! They have traditional leather sole, full leather upper, calf-skin lining and a steel horseshoe-shaped cleat. A great choice if your looking for something a little different.

Highland Boots

Our Highland boots are very comfortable, and made to last — whether you choose our suede ankle or knee-high style, or our premium, top-grain leather boots, you will not be disappointed!

Laces and Tassels

Replace your worn laces or missing tassels! Or, make your pair of ordinary wing – tip dress shoes look like ghillie brogues, simply by adding these laces and real leather tassels!


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