Pewter Luckenbooth Thistle Brooch
Pewter Luckenbooth Thistle Brooch

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  • Features a thistle and a luckenbooth
  • Measures approximately 1.5″ wide
  • Symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship
  • Made from polished pewter
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Pewter Luckenbooth Thistle Brooch

This pin consists of the Luckenbooth and Scotland’s traditional thistle. The Luckenbooth features a heart, crown, and hands. Symbolizing love, loyalty, and friendship respectfully, the Luckenbooth dates back to the 17th century. Since their rise in popularity, Scots have given brooches and necklaces as tokens of betrothal, affection and friendship. Metalworkers make each brooch from polished pewter. Each brooch measures approximately 1.5″ wide at the largest point.

  • Features a thistle and a luckenbooth
  • Measures approximately 1.5″ wide
  • Made from polished pewter

The Celtic Croft carries a wide selection of brooches and products from Scotland that feature the Luckenbooth motif and other Scottish designs. The name comes from the luckenbooths of Edinburgh where jewelry and trinkets used to be sold, including this type of brooch.[1] Luckenbooth is a Scots word for a lockable stall or workshop.[2] You might also like these luckenbooth themed products: Luckenbooth Pin Brooch made in Scotland and Champagne Flutes Luckenbooth Wedding Set

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The Scottish Thistle: The Legend and Meaning

Most people know and easily recognize the thistle as the symbol of Scotland. Researchers believe that Scots chose the thistle as their first national flower.

Legend has it that a field of thistles saved a party of sleeping Scots warriors from an ambush by Norse invaders. When one of the Norse attackers trod on a thistle field with his bare feet, his cries and screams roused the Scots. The ambush became ineffective, and the Scots defeated the invaders. The Scots’ victory was all thanks to the thistle’s thorns! They then adopted the thistle as the symbol of Scotland. It represents the bravery, devotion, durability, strength, and determination of the Celtic people.

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3 reviews for Pewter Luckenbooth Thistle Brooch

  1. Sissa

    Lovely pin – arrived very quickly. Will be a nice addition to my Burns Supper outfit.

  2. Judith

    Beautiful. Arrived in time for St. Andrew’s Day.

  3. Stephanie

    This pin is wonderful! Fantastic detailing and great quality! I can’t wait to give it to my best friend who recently got married. (Yes, I know, the groom should have given it to her but it’s a tradition I know she’ll love given her Scottish roots.) I can’t wait to watch her pass this down to her children!

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