Machine Gears Steampunk Kilt Pin

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Machine Gears Steampunk Kilt Pin

Scottish crafters make this Machine Gears Steampunk Kilt Pin in Scotland. It features a Machine Gears Steampunk design. These gears are commonly known as a huge steampunk fashion staple. Surly you will love the non-clan faux-Latin motto and what it stand for! With this badge it will allow you to bring your steampunk look to your kilted attire (keep reading for translation) Measures 3.5 inches long. Made out of a lead free, solid pewter. The durability of this kilt kip allows it to last and keep your kilt in place.

“Illegitimus Non Carborundum”

Anyone can wear this non-clan design. Not only is it cool because it’s kinda steampunk, but its faux-Latin motto, “Illegitimus Non Carborundum” makes a fine commentary on life. Now here’s the part where you’ll want to stop reading, if the sight of a mild cuss word is gonna singe your eyeballs or somethin’. Ready for the translation? “Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down.” Amazing, right?! A motto you might also recognize from a Handmaid’s Tale. Wear this pin to show that you can’t be brought down easily, or without a wee bit of a fight!

What is a kilt pin?

Have you ever worn a kilt on a windy day? Yes, we all have, and it can be quite nerving worrying about becoming the next Marilyn Monroe. Therefore, we recommend that you wear a piece of jewelry called a kilt pin on the lower corner of the outer apron of your kilt. The kilt pin adds weight to the outer apron, this prevents the apron blowing open and showing off too much leg. You may also wear a kilt pin purely as a form of decoration, so pick a kilt pin that represents you!

Be sure to get the matching cap badge/brooch too!


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3 reviews for Machine Gears Steampunk Kilt Pin

  1. Yolanda

    This item exceeded all my expectations. Such beautiful quality for such a reasonable price, such fast reliable service as well! I will be coming back to this vendor and recommending to everyone due to the exceptional experience I had!!

  2. Ronald Bohlman

    Matches the machine hat badge. They will go perfectly with my black formal kilt. They make a statement. After 20 years active duty, no bastard is going to wear me down.

  3. Jenni Shrewsbury


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