Homespun Tartan Wool Blend Flashes

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6 Customer reviews
  • Will attach nicely to around your kilt hose and will keep them up!
  • Affordable and easy to use with velcro closure
  • Available in any of our stylish homespun tartans; matches well with a different style kilt or tartan
  • One size fits most legs 


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Homespun Tartan Flashes

A nice finishing touch to complete any of your kilted outfits, our flashes not only make your kilted outfit look a little extra special and authentic, but they will also keep your kilt hose up.  These homespun tartan flashes are made to match any homespun kilt, although they can be worn and will match well with a different style kilt or different tartan. 

You will find these flashes are easy to use with their velcro closure. Since they have an elastic band, they are very adjustable and will fit most everyone. You will love their affordability and high quality. 

Usually in stock, but can take up to 6 weeks for delivery.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Homespun Tartan List O

Anderson Modern, Baird Ancient, Black Watch (Campbell) Ancient, Black Watch (Campbell) Modern, Black Watch (Campbell) Weathered, Boyd Modern, Brown Watch Modern, Bruce Modern, Buchanan Hunting Modern, Buchanan Modern, Buchanan Muted (MacGregor Hastie Variant), Burnett Modern, Burns Check Modern, Caledonia District Ancient, Cameron Modern, Cameron of Erracht Modern, Clark Ancient, Colquhoun Ancient, Crawford Modern, Davidson Modern, Douglas Modern, Farquharson Modern, Ferguson Ancient, Fraser Hunting Weathered, Fraser Red Dress Modern, Gordon Dress Modern, Gordon Modern, Graham of Montrose Ancient, Graham of Montrose Modern, Gunn Ancient, Gunn Modern, Hamilton Grey, Hamilton Modern, Henderson Modern, Irish Green (Non-Clan), Isle of Skye, Johnstone Modern, Lamont Ancient, Lindsay Modern, MacDonald Ancient, MacDonald Modern, MacFarlane Modern, MacGregor Modern, MacKay Ancient, MacKay Modern, MacKenzie Modern, MacKenzie Weathered, MacKintosh Modern, MacLaren Modern, MacLean Hunting Modern, MacLean of Duart Weathered, MacLeod Dress (Lewis) Modern, MacLeod Hunting (Harris) Modern, MacNeil of Barra Hunting Ancient, MacNeil of Barra Hunting Modern, MacPherson of Cluny (Red) Modern, Masonic (Freemason), Moffat Modern, Morrison Green Modern, Murray of Atholl Modern, Night Watch, Pride of Scotland, Rob Roy, Robertson Hunting Ancient, Robertson Red Modern, Ross Hunting Modern, Saffron, Saint Patrick, Scott Brown Hunting Modern, Scottish National, Sinclair Hunting Green Ancient, Solid Black, Solid Blue, Solid Green, Spirit of Highlander, Spirit of Scotland, Stewart Black Modern, Stewart Dress Modern, Stewart Hunting Modern, Stewart Royal Modern, Thompson Camel, Thomson Dress (Blue), Ulster Red Modern, US Air Force (Unofficial), US Army, US Marine Corps (Leatherneck), US Navy, Wallace Red Modern, Young Modern

6 reviews for Homespun Tartan Wool Blend Flashes

  1. Mike B

    Too notch,good quality homespun flashes!

  2. Andrew

    Extremely happy with these. They fit great, stay up perfectly, and look fantastic. Huge thank you, too, for making them custom even without a kilt order to go along with them; only place I’ve found that will do that for their customers!

  3. Martin P.

    I’m very happy with the quality and appearance of the flashes. Great value.

  4. Rod V.

    These flashes will provide a great addition to my MacLaren Kilt. Match well.

  5. Brian

    They were made of a heavy wool than I expected. They are much nicer than my previous set. I also like that these have Velcro fasteners instead of the metal clasp.

  6. Darryl M

    Love the flashes and they stay up nicely.

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