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  • Made in Scotland
  • Cast Pewter Buckle
  • Triskele Celtic Knot Design
  • Fits All Standard Kilt Belts (2.25″ wide)
  • Measures Approx. 3.75″ X 3″

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Celtic Spiral Pewter Kilt Belt Buckle

The Celtic Spiral Pewter Kilt Belt Buckle is cast in pewter with a triskele Celtic knot design. It is made in Scotland and is designed to fit all standard kilt belts (2.25″ wide). This buckle measures approximately 3.75 X 3 inches.

  • Made in Scotland
  • Cast Pewter Buckle
  • Triskele Celtic Knot Design
  • Fits All Standard Kilt Belts (2.25″ wide)
  • Measures Approx. 3.75″ X 3″

The Celtic Spiral Pewter Belt Buckle is one of our most popular buckles. This buckle is a great example of Scottish craftsmanship.?Scottish craftsmen first carve the design in relief, create a mold, then use that mold to cast this buckle in pewter. This buckle has some weight to it, unlike less expensive buckles of lower quality. The stamp on the back of the buckle identifies its maker. It reads “Gaelic Themes Scotland”, and has their thistle seal. This quality buckle will last a lifetime.

The design of the Celtic Spiral Pewter Kilt Belt Buckle features a border consisting of interlacing, much like the intricate borders hand drawn onto illuminated manuscripts in the medieval period.? This ornamentation imitates ivy and vines that commonly cling to Scottish castles. The central design curves out from the rectangular background. The main feature of this buckle is a large, central triskele. Small triquetras take up space between the spirals of the triskele. Additonal spirals surround the triskele along with small, floral embellishments.?

The texture on the rectangular background (between the hemispherical central design and the border) has a stone-like quality to it. The texture feels bumpy, but not rough. This stone-like quality calls to mind Scotland and Ireland’s rocky landscape and stone castles. The background contains semicircles, which in turn enclose Celtic knots.

The Triskele Motif in Celtic Culture

The triskele (aka triskelion) motif was found at a site dating to circa 3200 BCE, located in what is now known as Ireland. This predates the arrival of the Celts in the region. Just before the 5th century, the triskele became incorporated into Celtic Christianity, the three spirals representing the Holy Trinity.?


Many Celtic people wear or display objects with a triquetra motif in order to connect with, honor, and share their heritage. Celtic Christians also use the triquetra to symbolize the Trinity. Some people call this symbol by other names, such as “trinity knot” or “trefoil knot”. Trefoil means three-leafed. Many of our products have this motif, and we use the symbol on our logo in order to easily identify us as a Celtic company.

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  1. Skye M

    Very nice! A good heavy buckle with good detailing. Immediate shipping, had it in hand via Priority Mail in 2 days.

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