OUTLANDER Lambswool Tartan Blanket
OUTLANDER Lambswool Tartan Blanket OUTLANDER Lambswool Tartan Blanket OUTLANDER Lambswool Tartan Blanket

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  • Official Outlander Tartan
  • Premium Lambswool
  • Made in Scotland
  • Measures 50″ X 72″
  • Extra Warmth and Softness


OUTLANDER Lambswool Tartan Blanket

These blankets are made from premium lambswool tartan fabric, woven by the same weaver in Scotland, as the tartan used in the making of OUTLANDER: The Series. Everybody loves a blanket to wrap-up in on a cold, lazy day. And with lambswool, the snuggle-factor is way over the top! These OUTLANDER lambswool blankets are perfect for lounging around in, throwing over a chair or taking on a picnic. Each blanket measures 50″ x 72″. A perfect way to enjoy your favorite OUTLANDER tartan.

  • Official Outlander Tartan
  • Premium Lambswool
  • Made in Scotland
  • Measures 50″ X 72″
  • Extra Warmth and Softness

OUTLANDER Tartan, OUTLANDER Fraser and OUTLANDER MacKenzie are all in stock now, for a very limited time while supplies last!

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About the Fraser Tartan from OUTLANDER: The Series

Gordon Kirkbright designed the Fraser tartan featured in OUTLANDER, and Ingles Buchan mills the tartan in Glasgow, Scotland. This tartan consists of colors grey, brown, gold, red, and black. The neutral tones of brown and grey take up most of the space in the pattern, seemingly imitating the expanse of stone and brown vegetation of the Scottish Highlands in winter. The small stripes of black are hardly noticeable, and the gold and red act as accents. This is the tartan that Jamie Fraser wears for his wedding.

The Fraser tartan for OUTLANDER is modeled after the Fraser Hunting Weathered Tartan.

(Available in homespun and light weight tartans. Homespun swatch. Light weight swatch. Homespun tartan digital swatches.)

The Fraser Hunting Weathered Tartan consists of large expanses of grey and brown, and small accents of white and red. Hunting tartans are, in general, a more natural colored version of clan tartans. Because of this, they blend into natural environments, and camouflage the wearer. Weathered tartans tend to be a more faded version of tartans, and often come in natural hues. When comparing the two tartans, one can see that Gordon Kirkbright borrowed aspects from the Fraser Hunting Weathered Tartan to create a wonderfully calming tartan that lends itself well to the natural setting of OUTLANDER: The Series.

About Lambswool

Lambswool is the wool from a lamb’s first shearing when it’s about 7 months to a year old. Lambswool is softer, fluffier, therefore warmer than regular wool from adult sheep. This is because sheep have softer coats as lambs than as adults. Our Lambswool Blankets are thicker and fluffier than our Premium Wool or Poly/Viscose versions. This makes them the most suitable throw to wear on extra cold winter days. Lambswool has a close appearance to cashmere, and is nearly as soft. It could even been worn as a blanket scarf!

About the OUTLANDER Tartan

The OUTLANDER tartan consists of only two colors: grey and brown. The pattern is similar to Black Watch (aka Campbell) tartans. The tartan is also similar to OUTLANDER Fraser, but without the small stripes of accent colors. Gordon Kirkbright also designed this tartan, and it’s the perfect tartan for any OUTLANDER fan. The colors are quite rustic, and almost look like they came right off the sheep that way. This tartan will complement most any outfit, because of it’s neutral tones.

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2 reviews for OUTLANDER Lambswool Tartan Blanket

  1. Johanna

    J’adore!!! Chaude, douce et tellement belle! J’adore!!

  2. Taryn

    Soft, warm and beautiful!

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