Deluxe Faux Artic Fox Scalloped Dress Sporran

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  • Handcrafted in Scotland by skilled artisans
  • Faux Fox fur makes each one unique
  • Made with quality materials with attention to detail
  • Includes a your choice of sporran chain or sporran suspender


Deluxe Faux Artic Fox Scalloped Dress Sporran

This formal dress sporran incorporates one of our most popular Celtic tops (Cantle). The “skin” used is a beautiful Faux Fur Fox which is very realistic to the touch. This sporran is hand crafted in Glasgow by dedicated and experienced craftsmen specializing in Sporran making. This Sporran is also available in an Antique finish and can be cross chained if desired. Please specify when ordering. Price includes a matching chain strap. Please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery.

  • Made in Scotland by skilled artisans
  • Choice of Chrome or Antiqued Celtic Knot Cantle
  • Your choice of crossed or strait tassel chains
  • Includes your choice of matching sporran chain or suspender
  • Formal Dress Sporran

Special-order just for you! Please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about special-order items.

Additional Scottish Accessories

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The Celtic Knot Embossed Premium Leather Sporran has two embossed Celtic Knots and three tassels. For an added punk feel, we have our Celtic Knot Studded Premium Leather Sporran. Our Dagger Closure Premium Sporran includes a metal dagger closure and a large Celtic knot embossed on the front. The Premium Clan Crest Sporran has an extra-large flap that displays your clan crest on a bed of Celtic knot embossing. Lastly, our very extravagant Stag Head Premium Leather Sporran has a beautifully decorated flap and intricate tooling on the body. The flap features a metal stag’s head with large, decorative antlers. 

Weight 1.05 lbs


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