U.S. Army Tartan Kilts

US Army Tartan Kilts are a great gift idea for those who serve us and keep freedom alive. We support and appreciate all who are, or have, served. We’ve got great US Army products, from our family to yours.

Army Tartan

The colors of the Army tartan were chosen to represent the uniforms at the time it was registered. The Army tartan colors and what they represent are as followed: black for the beret; khaki for the summer uniform; light green for the original sniper (now part of the summer uniform); dark blue for the original dress uniform; olive for the combat uniform; and gold for the cavalry. You’ll stand out in a field of Clan tartans when you wear your Army tartan kilt!

Military Tartan Kilts

Our military tartan kilts are mostly available in light weight (11oz) and medium weight (13oz) tartan. Although, a few we can only get in light weight. We typically suggest medium weight tartan if you’re looking at kilts because, in most cases, you won’t be too warm and you’ll have a nice sway to your pleats. You’ll look dashing with the purchase a 5 yard or 9 yard kilt for your next military or formal function. However, you may want to clear it with your commander! In contrast, if you’re looking for more casual wear, get yourself one of our great kilts, ancient kilts, or phillabegs!

Scottish American Military Society

These kilts should be of special interest if you’re a member of the Scottish American Military Society because the tartans were made specifically for the Military Armed Forces like the Army. The Society was founded as a veterans organization, and so the membership is composed primarily of veterans of Scottish ancestry who have served, or are serving, in the U.S. Armed Forces. Their goal is “to preserve and promote Scottish and American Armed Forces customs, traditions, and heritage.” Join them and find more information on SAMS here: Scottish American Military Society

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