Kilt Rentals

If you have questions, we have answers. Many people are interested in kilts, and all things Celtic, but are unsure of the history of this famous garment. Read on for some answers to our most commonly asked questions.

We generally ship your rental about ten days before your rental date. You should receive your rental 3‐4 days before your event date. If you would like to receive your rental earlier than scheduled, it will cost an additional $15 per day or $100 per week.

Rental outfits are due back within five business days after the scheduled event date. We have a busy schedule and want to ensure that all rentals are back, cleaned, and out for the next person on time. If you believe your rental will be late, please contact us to discuss the situation.

Please try on your entire rental as soon as you receive it so that we have time to correct any sizing errors. Please contact us immediately if you have a problem. For any errors on our part, we will gladly pay for expedited shipping of replacement items. You will be responsible for expedited shipping for sizing errors on your part, or if you have not contacted us within 24 hours of receiving your rental.

We do not have a hard and fast deadline, but we do request at least eight weeks. The earlier you reserve your kilts, the more likely everyone gets their size and style. Please ensure everyone in your party has their measurements in a timely manner, as well.

You need to be accurate in your measurements for your jacket and kilt. We recommend enlisting a friend to help. For jackets and vests, measure with a full breath at your chest and belly. For your kilt measurements, measure at your belly button and hip, and from your belly button to the middle of your knee.

We offer a “Keep the Kilt” option for those interested in keeping the kilts after the rental. These orders require at least eight weeks of processing.

Your wedding should fit your style. Typically, however, all of the kilts in the wedding party match. Another option would be for the groom to have a kilt, usually in his clan tartan, and the groomsmen all match in another style.

Kilts are a great way to honor your Scottish heritage at your wedding. It is very common for the groom, groomsmen, and immediate family members to wear kilts in their clan tartan. However, your guests may choose to wear a kilt, as well.

A Prince Charlie jacket is the most formal jacket, think of it as your tuxedo or formal jacket. It is often decorated and has tails. An Argyle jacket, on the other hand, is less formal, more like a sports coat. It can be worn to formal events, though.

When you wear your kilt, the pleats will go in back with the aprons crossed at the front.