Kilt Rentals

Whether you want to wear a kilt for your wedding day, a fun night out, or to honor a loved one for a funeral, our Full Formal Kilt Rental Packages will be everything you need. Don’t feel like you’re wearing a costume when showing of your heritage. Choose The Celtic Croft because we offer only the best authentic Scottish and Irish attire and accessories. The Full Formal Rentals are offered in our Silver, Gold, or Platinum packages. This allows you to personalize your special occasion.

Outfitted from from your head to toe, we specialize in one size does NOT fit all. We offer sizes you won’t find anywhere else. Customize your outfit to fit you! Don’t cover up too much of those beautiful knees or show off too much thigh, we offer our kilts in several different lengths to be sure you have the best fit!

Our competitors might surprise you with charging extra for shoes or your belt and buckle. Here, there are no additional charges for the accessories and shoes, no hidden fees to complete your outfit. The one thing you might find missing in our rental package in whats worn under the kilt, and…. well, that’s a don’t ask don’t tell policy. 

Weddings are a big day, a day to remember for a lifetime. Your wedding day can be special and unique by showing off your families heritage. Marriage is a day to unite two families to be one, show your deep family roots by wearing a kilt. Show where your families have come from and where it may go together. We also offer Celtic wedding decor, tartan hand-fastings, and tartan accessories, bringing each person closer to their heritage.

A fun night out, could mean a day out with friends, a dinner date with a loved one, or to celebrate your heritage at any event!

Weather it be a full formal event, you just want to keep it casual, or you want to step back in time and dress historical we have packages to fit your rental needs, from great kilts to prince charlies The Celtic Croft will have you dressed to impress!

Our goal is to make your kilt rental experience is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, and to ensure that your rental proceeds as smoothly as possible. We look forward to handling your order!

Before you continue reading about our different rental options we urg you to check out the really important stuff you will want to know before ordering. Its a great read with some very important information about our rentals and the rental process. Really Important Stuff You Need To Know About Your Rental Order… It’s more than just a Terms and Conditions document. It contains everything we can think of to make your rental a success!

Available Rental Packages

Silver Package Prince Charlie Formal Kilt RentalThe Prince Charlie Rental Packages

Three different full formal rentals featuring the Prince Charlie jacket and vest, customizable to fit your rental needs.

Prince Charlie Full Formal SILVER Package

Prince Charlie Full Formal GOLD Package

Prince Charlie Full Formal PLATINUM Package



Argyle Formal Rental Package The Argyle Rental Packages

Three different full formal rentals featuring the Argyle jacket and vest, customizable to fit your rental needs.

Argyle Full Formal SILVER Package

Argyle Full Formal GOLD Package

Argyle Full Formal PLATINUM Package


OUTLANDER Casual Kilt Authentic Premium Wool TartanSemi Formal Rental Package

Two different semi formal rentals featuring a 5 button argyle vest, choices from many tartans, all the accessories and customizable to fit your rentals needs.

Semi Formal SILVER Package

Semi Formal GOLD Package


Black Out Rental Package

Sleek, slimming, and mysterious, the Black Out Rental package is a bold and classic choice! Easy to match anyone or any wedding party with a authentic black kilt and black accessories. Great for weddings, as the night goes on, the jacket comes off showing off the beautifully hansom five button vest.


Big and Tall Rental PackageBig and Tall Rental Package

Are you Big and/or Tall?!?! We will outfit you from your shoulders to toes with our Big & Tall Rental Package! Specializing in one size does NOT fit all, we offer larger sizes you won’t find anywhere else. Argyle jackets and vest starting at 60″ chests and g up from there, and kilt waists from 48″-80″


Formal Accessories Rental Package Formal Accessories Rental Package

Do you already own a kilt or plan on purchasing one? Our Formal Accessories Rental Package includes everything you need except for the kilt. All the accessories you will need to complete your attire. Different options to custom your rental. Purchase your 5 or 9 yard premium wool kilt at the same time or in the same month and we offer this package for only $100.


Casual Kilt Rental Package Casual Kilt Rental Package

Our Casual Kilt Rental Package includes all the basics, including a Jacobite style shirt. Keep it causal and have everything you need for your highland games, or wedding. You can pick and choose from different accessories to custom your rental experience. All the of the casual and needed accessories for your casual Scottish attire. If you have been thinking of buying a kilt for your highland games but aren’t quite sure. Our casual kilt renal package is a great start to your kilt wearing adventure. This outfit even includes ghillie brogues! 


Great Kilt Rental Great Kilt Rental

If your attending a re-enchantment, a Renaissance fair, or want a traditional hand fasting, the Great Kilt Rental is a great option. A pleat yourself experience will having you feeling like a real kilt wearing pro. Have you been considering a great kilt purchase but your just not sure, renting for your next event will give you a “Great” insight to what its like to wear a great kilt and step back in time. Shoes are not included with this rental, hiking boots make a great boot for this outfit.


Buy a Kilt and Build your Own Rental Buy a Kilt and Build your Own Rental

Want to buy a kilt but you don’t need the whole outfit?  At least not yet. Do you already own some items and still need others. Are you’re missing a few parts to your Scottish attire? Then you can buy our good basic kilt and rent just what you need!


Build your Own Rental Build your Own Rental

Do you own kilt but still don’t have all the accessories, or maybe you have the accessories and no kilt. We have all the items you might need to complete your Scottish attire. You can choose what you need and what you don’t with our Build your Own Rental Package.


Children's Kilt Rental Children’s Kilt Rentals

The Children’s Kilt Rental package includes everything junior needs to fit right in with the grownups!