Full Mask Sporrans

The Celtic Croft has a great selections of full mask sporrans to compliment your Scottish, Irish, and Welsh attire. Full mask sporrans is the oldest form of sporran, they have been used for 100s of years.

The pelts of wild animals would be used when the animals were captured for food, that way none of the animal was wasted. Today we still use this age old style of sporran. They are very distinctive and luxurious. Family owned and operated in the USA.

Above all, the sporran (Scottish Gaelic for “purse”) started as a convenient way to carry your tools and things around. Today, it is a traditional part of Scottish Highland dress. Since kilts are without pockets, you need one of these to put things in. These complement the formality of attire worn with them. In short, modern uses include actions like holding your phone, flask, and wallet.

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