Formal Dress Sporrans

The Celtic Croft has one of the largest selections of premium formal dress sporrans to compliment your Scottish and Irish attire. Premium dress sporrans are made from only the finest leathers. Made made in Scotland or right here in the USA!

Outstanding handcrafted, attention to detail and excellent workmanship.  Dress Sporrans are great for any formal event. Need somewhere to put your keys when you wearing a kilt? Adding a good quality sporran to your attire will dress up your night out!

Above all, the sporran (Scottish Gaelic for “purse”) started as a convenient way to carry your tools and things around. Today, it is a traditional part of Scottish Highland dress. Since kilts are without pockets, you need one of these to put things in. These complement the formality of attire worn with them. In short, modern uses include actions like holding your phone, flask, and wallet.

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