Military and Law Enforcement

Share your pride in your service by wearing our Military and Law Enforcement accessories! From badges, kilt pins, and kilt belt buckles, to other products, we’ve got something for you! These are perfect for U.S. military and law enforcement veterans, active-duty, and family members.

Military and Law Enforcement

Show your pride in both your heritage and your time in (or support of) the U.S. Armed Forces families with our military and law enforcement items. Wear the tartan or badge of your branch of service and therefore, your connection.  All of our logo products are licensed or approved by each U.S. Military branch, so there’s certainly no fake products here!

Scottish American Military Society members love these products. The Society was founded as a veterans organization. As a result, membership is made primarily of veterans of Scottish ancestry who are currently or have served. Above all, their goal is “to preserve and promote Scottish and American Armed Forces customs, traditions, and heritage.” Join them and find out more about SAMS here: Scottish American Military Society

Law Enforcement

Our “Protect and Serve” Law Enforcement accessories feature an eagle atop a crest with the iconic police motto “protect and serve.” The scales of justice are in the center of this badge. Made in Scotland and cast in lead-free pewter, so you know they are great quality. We’ve got cap badges, buckles, and more! As a result, you don’t have to keep searching for that accessory to represent your public service any longer. Find that special accessory for yourself or your favorite public service member. Thank you to all who serve, we appreciate it. 

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