Kilt Shirts

The Celtic Croft has a wide variety of kilt shirts, jackets and vests to choose from to compliment your kilt. Whether your event is formal or casual, your kilt shirt is an important part of your attire. Choose a style that fits your image and a color that compliments your tartan.

Our Rustic Highland shirt is a great option for reenactments and go great with our historic kilts. We’re expanding our fabric options to include more than just a cotton blend, such as a linen blend and full linen.

The Jacobite shirt is also a great casual option. If you’re looking for something in between the more rugged, old-timey look of the Rustic Highland shirt and a modern shirt, then this is the one for you. The most popular color is off-white, followed by black, and lastly our premium pure white shirts.

For your most formal events, we’ve got the shirts to match your Prince Charlie or Argyle jacket and vest. They’re available in pure white and black. Prince Charlie wing tip shirts come with button studs and a bow tie. Like the Prince Charlie, the flat color Argyle shirt comes with button studs. Though, instead of a bow tie, it comes with a neck tie. 

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Showing all 5 results