Jackets and Vests

The Celtic Croft offers a wide range of jackets and vests. Offering Prince Charlie sets, Argyle sets, Tweed sets, tartan vests, and several other styles to choose from.

We have Prince Charlie’s for your most formal occasions, to Tweed sets and tartan vests for more casual wear. Your choice of jackets alone or in sets with a vest. These are made to order, and take some time to craft. If you’re looking for a jacket and vest to wear at an event in the next week or so, take a look at our rentals area!

Prince Charlie Sets

You wear a Prince Charlie at your most formal events. They work well for weddings, galas, funerals, and more! These jacket and vests are cut a bit shorter than your modern suit. As a result, you need to wear your kilt at the kilt waist (about the navel) to do the jacket set justice. If you wear your kilt around your hips, then you will have a big gap of white dress shirt – and that just doesn’t look very great. The vest only has 3 buttons, and the jacket has no buttons for closure, along with tails in the back.

Argyle Sets

The Argyle jacket and vest set looks and feels a bit more like your classic American suit. It’s a great go-to for all your semi-formal occasions. For the most formal events, we’d still suggest a Prince Charlie, but it ultimately comes down to your comfort and preference! Unlike the Prince Charlie, it has a 5 button vest, and 1 button on the jacket to close it. Consequently, it has been quickly gaining popularity in the United States. While we still encourage people to wear their kilt at the traditional kilt waist, you can get away with wearing it at your pants waist with this set.

Tweed Sets

These are probably the most flexible set we offer. You can find others wearing this anywhere from formal, to semi-formal, to casual situations. Some people opt for just the jacket, but being so versatile, why not  purchase the jacket and vest together? These are cut very similarly to the Argyle, and have a roughly the equivalent to a nice sport coat or blazer.

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