Clan Crest Kilt Belt Buckles

Clan Crest Kilt Belt Buckles are a great way to show your family pride and heritage. Made in Scotland, from high-quality lead-free pewter, with an antiqued finish.

These buckles feature both Irish and Scottish Clan Crests. Made to fit any traditional kilt belt. Available in both standard triangle or stylish circular shape. Are you Scottish, Irish, Welsh, someone who has served for the USA, in Law Enforcement, or just like all this stuff, we have a clan crest for you. Take a look and choose one that fits you best!

We have kilt belt buckles available in two shapes. First, we have a standard rectangle shape. We see these ordered the most often. They have light detailing around the edges and are a nice pewter color. In addition to the rectangle shape, we also have a circle clan crest kilt belt buckle. These also have Celtic knot detailing around the edge. They are taller than our rectangle buckles. As a result, if you are larger in the gut, then you might run the risk of these jabbing against your belly if you wear your kilt too low!

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Showing all 4 results