Sash and Plaid Brooches

Our plaid brooches are perfect for fastening fly plaids, pipers plaids, great kilts, and ancient kilt. They are a traditional and an essential accessory for any of these items. These brooches also look great with any sash.

Clan Crest Brooches

The Clan Crest Plaid Brooch is ideal for fastening a sash or plaid. This brooch is cast in Glasgow from the finest quality pewter. Each one is finished with a unique Celtic Knot design in the finest detail. Experienced craft persons in Scotland hand assemble your made-to-order brooch when you purchase from The Celtic Croft. These have an enclose pin, which consequently helps you keep from poking yourself!

Penannular Brooches

When looking for a penannular brooch that’s simple and functional, these are just what you need! They’re inexpensive, and get the job done! 3 inch brooches are perfect for great kiltsancient kiltsfly plaids, earasaids, renaissance attire and more. The 2″ brooch is good for almost anything, including fastening ancient kilts and plaids, although you may want to size up for bulkier items. The smallest is just right for sashes and scarves.

They are in the form of a ring with a small opening and a pin that goes through the fabric, or weaves around it. However, this means if you don’t want to risk poking yourself, you should look for a brooch with an enclosed pin. Penannular brooches were popular in the Celtic world at least as far back as 600 AD. In the Viking era, these were made from bronze, iron, silver, and gold. Today they are still a popular choice. 

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