Tartan Suspenders

Get a pair of tartan suspenders to match your Kilt! Matching tartan suspenders are a great alternative or addition to a belt and buckle. If you’ve got a bit more around the middle than you would like, and you have trouble keeping you kilt up, try some tartan suspenders. Suspenders in your family tartan to wear with your pants to add a splash of tartan to your every-day attire.

Available in dupion silk, premium wool, or our homespun wool blend. Just tell us the tartan you want, the preferred weight of the tartan, and your measurements from kilt waist up to the top of your shoulder. We will make suspenders custom to your needs.

Spring weight premium wool, and dupion silk suspenders are made from the actual tartan material. They are made to extend up to 52″, as measured from the waist, up over the shoulder, and to the back of your waist.

The suspenders for premium wool and homespun are made from a good-quality black elastic material, with chrome-plated hardware and clamps. We make tartan sleeves to wrap over the suspenders, that extend from your waist up over your shoulders (we’ll add about 6″ to the measurement you give us to the top of your shoulder).

Additional Pairs may be available at reduced cost, depending on the tartan. Please inquire.

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Showing all 3 results