Clan Crest Buckles and Sporrans

Complete your Highland attire with a Clan Crest buckle and sporran.

Keep your kilt from falling to the floor in style with your new family Clan crest buckle pride! Keep your belongings off of the floor and grab a Clan Crest Sporran to keep everything in one place. The Celtic Croft has a wide range of Clan Crest Buckles and Sporrans for any occasion. 

Budget Friendly

We want to be able to offer kilts and accessories to everyone – whether you’re able to drop the cash for that full formal outfit, or have to save up for one of our less expensive options. That is why we offer our products with many price tiers. However, that’s not to say we compromise on quality. We won’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t give to our own family. In short, you will be satisfied with any of our sporrans, no matter how much you spend.

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