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Celtic History In the News — November 2019

Celtic History and Archaeology In the News Apologies to any of you that have already read this one last month. We are just getting some content moved to the new location.  Pictish carved beasts ‘unlike anything found before A 1,200-year-old standing stone discovered in the Highlands has carvings never before seen on a Pictish stone,[…]

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Celtic History In the News — December 2019

Recent News in Celtic Archaeology and History Rare spindle whorl discovered in Pictish excavation in Perthshire Archaeologists delving into Perthshire’s hidden history are celebrating a successful five-year investigation at an ancient Pictish settlement. Celtic warrior from 2,000 years ago buried in chariot with weapons and ponies hailed as most important find of its kind in[…]

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How do Women Wear Tartan?


How do Women Wear Tartan? You probably hear people asking all the time, “Do women wear tartan?” Okay, maybe not literally all the time. Some of the time, though, we bet, someone asks, “Do women wear tartan?” We’re sorry if you’ve been losing sleep over this critical question. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment.[…]

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Irish Astronomers

Originally published October 2015. Updated December 2019. Irish Astronomers Until the 1990’s it seems that a number of scholars thought that the Irish had lagged behind other European countries when it came to early observations about the heavens. However, Two Irish Scholars Daniel McCarthy an Aiden Breen have shown through a number of studies that[…]

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What is the Difference Between a Scottish and Irish Kilt?

Scottish marching band at city parade

It is a common misconception that all kilts are created equal, but we are about to blow your mind: they really, really aren’t. The basic premise may be the same: they are all made of material, and invite more than a little curiosity about just what lies beneath. There are, however, distinct differences between a[…]

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6 Beautiful Irish Wedding Traditions

Traditional Irish wedding day attire .

Weddings are all about bringing people together. The best weddings are all about blending families and customs in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, it is often easier said than done.  Every culture has its own traditions, each with a charm all its own. A wedding is a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the beautiful customs[…]

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Your Guide to Outlander Merchandise

Outlander scene

If you’re anything like us, chances are you’ve been dying to bring a little Outlander style to your everyday life. And why not? Being instantly transported back to the 1700s may be tricky to manage in physical terms, but we can help you bring a little Scottish magic to your 21st-century existence. We are an[…]

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Ireland’s Female Weavers

Ireland’s Female Weavers During the Napoleonic War from 1803 to 1815 there were some 300,000 men in the British army and 140,000 in the Royal Navy. There were 13 Irish battalions who were almost exclusively recruited from Ireland. Some “English” battalions consisted of over 30% Irish recruits. It’s not known how many weavers left to[…]

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What Is a Coat of Arms?

So you’ve swabbed the inside of your cheek and done the genealogy research. You’ve discovered you’re Scottish, Welsh, or Irish, or that you’re related to Robert the Bruce. You’re excited, and now you want all the swag to let people know you’re basically a highland warlord. We get it. Unfortunately, it’s no longer socially acceptable[…]

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Kilt Fashion: What is Worn Under a Kilt?


It is a question so often pondered, yet so rarely voiced, and is sure to have crossed your mind whenever you have seen someone sporting a stylish kilt.  Obviously, we are referring to wondering which clan their pattern represents. Why, what were you wondering? This (extremely logical) question aside, there is another issue which tends[…]