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The Cailleach

Celtic History Newsletter Brought to you by The Celtic Croft and MacGregor Historic Games The Cailleach Since there is snow on the ground here in Minneapolis, and I just started working on a new piece of art that is related to it, this month I thought I would mention a very old, and perhaps lesser-know[…]

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Celtic Christianity and Christmas

Originally Published December 2000. Author: Ceilidh Lerwick Celtic Christianity and Christmas Author’s Note — Please keep in mind that what is published in this newsletter is correct to the best of my knowledge. I try very hard to be accurate and true and to specify when it is my opinion, and when it isn’t. However,[…]

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Samhain “Dumb Supper”

Originally Published October 2011. Samhain “Dumb Supper” This was something I just recently ran across so I thought I would get the newsletter out before Halloween/Samhain. I’ve found a number of webpages describing the practice of a Dumb Supper (“Dumb as in “silent”) that comes from a Scottish/Irish Halloween/Samhain tradition. The Dumb Supper is said[…]