Tartan Shawl, Homespun Wool Blend
Tartan Shawl, Homespun Wool Blend
Tartan Shawl, Homespun Wool Blend

Tartan Shawl – Homespun Wool Blend

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9 Customer reviews
  • Enjoy close-to-home, made-in-the-US coziness with the Tartan Shawl, Homespun Wool Blend 
  • Homespun wool for a rustic simplicity 
  • Available in over 80 tartans for a shawl that’s custom-made especially for you
  • 55% polyester and 45% wool blend, this accessory measures approximately 54 inches x 54 inches for durable practicality and warmth


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Evoke the romance of the independent highland lass, standing defiantly on the windswept moors. She holds her own, whether it’s a foolish country lad or the handsome laird from the local manor trying to win her heart. Her homespun wool tartan shawl, wrapped around her simple country dress, shields her from chilly Caledonian gales. You’ll stay warm and toasty, too, in the Tartan Shawl, Homespun Wool Blend. The Tartan Shawl is crafted from a 55% polyester 45%, made in the US, and measures 54” x 54”.

Choose from over 80 tartans for custom-made comfort. Be the heroine of your own Celtic story!

Weight 0.96 lbs
Homespun Tartan List O

Anderson Modern, Baird Ancient, Black Watch (Campbell) Ancient, Black Watch (Campbell) Modern, Black Watch (Campbell) Weathered, Boyd Modern, Brown Watch Modern, Bruce Modern, Buchanan Hunting Modern, Buchanan Modern, Buchanan Muted (MacGregor Hastie Variant), Burnett Modern, Burns Check Modern, Caledonia District Ancient, Cameron Modern, Cameron of Erracht Modern, Clark Ancient, Colquhoun Ancient, Crawford Modern, Davidson Modern, Douglas Modern, Farquharson Modern, Ferguson Ancient, Fraser Hunting Weathered, Fraser Red Dress Modern, Gordon Dress Modern, Gordon Modern, Graham of Montrose Ancient, Graham of Montrose Modern, Gunn Ancient, Gunn Modern, Hamilton Grey, Hamilton Modern, Henderson Modern, Irish Green (Non-Clan), Isle of Skye, Johnstone Modern, Lamont Ancient, Lindsay Modern, MacDonald Ancient, MacDonald Modern, MacFarlane Modern, MacGregor Modern, MacKay Ancient, MacKay Modern, MacKenzie Modern, MacKenzie Weathered, MacKintosh Modern, MacLaren Modern, MacLean Hunting Modern, MacLean of Duart Weathered, MacLeod Dress (Lewis) Modern, MacLeod Hunting (Harris) Modern, MacNeil of Barra Hunting Ancient, MacNeil of Barra Hunting Modern, MacPherson of Cluny (Red) Modern, MacQueen Modern, Masonic (Freemason), Moffat Modern, Morrison Green Modern, Murray of Atholl Modern, Night Watch, Pride of Scotland, Rob Roy, Robertson Hunting Ancient, Robertson Red Modern, Ross Hunting Modern, Saffron, Saint Patrick, Scott Brown Hunting Modern, Scottish National, Sinclair Hunting Green Ancient, Smith Modern, Solid Black, Solid Blue, Solid Green, Spirit of Highlander, Spirit of Scotland, Stewart Black Modern, Stewart Dress Modern, Stewart Hunting Modern, Stewart Royal Modern, Thompson Camel, Thomson Dress (Blue), Ulster Red Modern, US Air Force (Unofficial), US Army, US Marine Corps (Leatherneck), US Navy, Wallace Red Modern, Young Modern

9 reviews for Tartan Shawl – Homespun Wool Blend

  1. Lorie Croft

    Can you email the name or order number? Would like to get this sorted. We are working on a tartan finder, hopefully this year.

  2. Timaeus

    The fact that they don’t SHOW the tartan design can lead to problems

    My fiancée and I use the Monro Hunting/ green&black Black watch (she’s a Monro). They sent the grey&black Black Watch. We like the shawl, but will pay more at a different place for her green&black for the wedding

  3. Jimmy

    Ordered as present for Christmas. Extremely happy about quality of product and brightness of the colors. Will order from kilts-and Stuff again.

  4. shaysonhells658

    I got this for my mother she loves it quite a bit and i can also double as a small blanket amazing.

  5. Tim

    We got this in the Lamont tartan for my Mom. It’s nice and large, and she really likes it.

  6. Donna

    Very nice piece. I am looking forward to wearing it often.

  7. Shakira

    Beautiful MacLeod shawl, it came just in time for tartan day. The colors are vibrant and bold. The shawl is very warm, I’m so happy with my purchase.

  8. Thomas

    Purchased for my self in family tartan. Love it very nice and it arrived sooner than expected.

  9. Thomas

    Purchased one for my Mother & she love it the weight is perfect for her to use year round.

  10. Arley H

    It was the perfect gift to my wife who is the Order of the Eastern Star Grand Representative to Scotland. The weight and material are exceptionally good for the conditions here in the deep south. I would recommend this to anyone of Scots decent living in the deep south. A great product.

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