Horn Mug
Horn Mug
Horn Mug

Horn Mug

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  • A great addition to your renaissance fair or Highland games gear, you can choose to add a leather strap to attach it to your kilt belt to complete the look 
  • Also, a fine gift for anyone on your list because each stylish horn mug is sand-casted individually to make each one unique 
  • Made using Statesmetal™, a lightweight, lead-free, food-safe alloy and is hand wash only (not dishwasher safe!)
  • Made in the USA and holds 11 oz

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Horn-Style Mug

This mug is a fantastically unique addition to your kitchen, or your Renaissance Fair or Highland games gear. It also makes a great gift for anyonewhether or not they will appreciate the Celtic heritage behind it. Skilled metalworkers sand cast each horn-shaped mug, making each one unique. It is made using a lightweight, lead-free, food-safe alloy called Statesmetal™, similar to pewter.  

This stylish and shiny mug will keep 11 oz of your favorite beverage cold. Made in the USA, it is hand-wash only—do not put it in the dishwasher! Add a leather strap to attach your horn mug to your kilt belt.

What is Statesmetal?

Metalworkers developed an aluminum alloy by the name of Statesmetal that resembles the warmth and beauty of pewter. Our highly skilled craftsmen hand pour molten Statesmetal into a sand mold, which they then destroy, never to use it again. This time honored technique creates the unique features that make each piece a true original. Workers then carefully finish these mugs by hand to create the quality appearance you expect. 

Our supplier has been perfecting their Statesmetal process for over thirty years in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania.

Statesmetal products are food safe, and will not chip, crack, rust, or break under normal use.

To help preserve the finish, we recommend hand washing with a mild detergent. 

Foods containing vinegar or fatty acids should be rinsed from the Statesmetal soon after use.

Although Statesmetal may gradually darken from the effects of everyday use, hard water or food stains, the original finish can be restored by polishing with any pewter or silver polish.

Recycled aluminum is used in the making of Statesmetal.

1 review for Horn Mug

  1. Rosemary T

    I love these horn mugs to give to my guys to use at Renaissance fairs. All that is needed is one small leather strap and they complete any of the outfits!

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