Light Weight Premium Wool Earasaid
Earasaid — The Ladies' Greatkilt!

Light Weight Premium Wool Earasaid

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Light Weight Premium Wool Earasaid

What’s an Earasaid?

The earasaid (aka erasaid or arisaid) is essentially the women’s version of the greatkilt. Worn over an under-dress, the earasaid can be very versatile. It can be worn long or short, for warmth or for style. The perfect compliment to any period costume. Pleating instructions are included with each earasaid.

We make these earasaids from light weight (10/11 oz) premium wool tartan, woven in Scotland, 59″ wide. This is the most commonly available tartan fabric. Makes a great looking earasaid, and the light weight is especially nice for hot weather wear.

The earasaid has less fabric in it than a great kilt. Why? Because the earasaid generally doesn’t wrap completely around the front like a greatkilt, and it has less pleats. An earasaid usually has just a few large pleats in the back — sometimes even just bunched-up instead of pleated. I say “generally” and “usually” because the earasaid is so very versatile, you can wear it however you want.

  • Like the Women’s Version of a Great Kilt
  • Tartan Woven in Scotland
  • Earasaid Made by Us in the USA
  • Worn Over an Under-Dress
  • Versatile: Worn Long or Short
  • Pleating Instructions Included
  • Light Weight (10/11 oz) Premium Wool Tartan
  • 59″ Wide Fabric
  • Recommended for Summer Events
  • Perfect for Ren Fests/ Renaissance Fairs

Custom-made just for you! Please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about custom-order items.

About Light Weight Premium Wool

Made from 100% pure new wool, woven in Scotland. This is the most common tartan fabric, the same tartan many of you are familiar with. This is your best option if you are looking for a specific tartan, as there are over 500 available. We work with 5 different mills in Scotland to bring you the widest selection possible. All tartans are double width (58-60 inches wide) unless otherwise specified.

Delivery Time

When we order the tartan for your earasaid, it is cut from the roll and shipped from Scotland. Once your fabric arrives, we custom-make the earasaid just for you. Because of the time involved in these steps, please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery. Occasionally the tartan fabric is out of stock in Scotland, and we need to wait until the next batch is woven. If we think there is going to be a delay, we’ll let you know.


We make three different sizes of earasaid (2.5 yd, 3 yd, and 4 yd). There are two basic ways you can choose to wear an earasaid. Which size you choose depends on your waist size, and how you want to wear your earasaid.

Method #1: The earasaid will be worn from knee to mid-calf length (maximum of about 27″ long). You should be able to bring fabric over one shoulder or both, and brooch it in front. You should have plenty of pleats, and enough fabric meet in the front, or overlap a bit if you want it to. A 2.5 yard earasaid will fit up to about a 34 inch waist, a 3 yard earasaid will fit up to about a 40 inch waist, and a 4 yard earasaid will fit 40+ inch waist sizes.

Earasaid Pleating Method 1
Earasaid Pleating Method 1

Method #2: The earasaid will be worn floor length. You should be able to bring fabric up over your head if you want to, and brooch it like a hooded cloak. Worn this way you’ll be limited by the width of the fabric. You can make your earasaid fit almost any waist size, but you’ll have only a few pleats, and just enough fabric meet in the front (maybe). This method works best with a 2.5 yd earasaid. You can make it work a 3 or (maybe) 4 yard earasaid, but you end up with too much fabric to deal with above your head and shoulders.

Earasaid Pleating Method 2
Earasaid Pleating Method 2

Cheater Pleats

Pleating instructions are included with each earasaid (Earasaid Instructions.PDF). Because it’s so versatile, we would encourage you to pleat it yourself each time you wear it. That way you can change the length and style or number of pleats any time you want to. However, we can pleat it for you and stitch everything into place. This makes it very easy to wear, but you’ll need to decide on a length and stick with it. If you’re interested, just add Cheater Pleats™ to your earasaid when you order.

Custom-made just for you! Please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about custom-order items.

NOTE — The earasaid pictured above is not necessarily light weight wool. The photo was chosen as a good representation of an earasaid in general.

Accessories For Your Earasaid

You’ll notice in many of the photos that the earasaid is usually worn with an under-dress and a bodice. We are working on making these products available, but for now your best option is to make them yourself. We don’t sell patterns ourselves, but here are some we found that might be useful to you:

Renaissance Bodice Pattern

Costume Pattern Collection (sizes 4-10) Renaissance 

Renaissance Costume Pattern Collection (sizes 12-20)

Easy Peasant Shirt/Chemise Pattern

Renaissance Women’s Peasant Outfit Easy Pattern

Easy Renaissance Girl’s Peasant Outfit Pattern

Irish/Scottish Woman’s Leine Pattern

Another Irish/Scottish Woman’s Leine Pattern


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