Homespun Great Kilt
Homespun Great Kilt
Homespun Great Kilt
Homespun Great Kilt
Homespun Great Kilt

Homespun Great Kilt

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2 Customer reviews
  • 4 Yard (fits up to a 38″ waist) $159.00
  • 5 Yard (fits up to a 48″ waist) $199.00
  • 6 Yard (fits up to a 60″ waist) $239.00

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. 

From: $159.00


Homespun Great Kilt

This great kilt is made in house by our very talented kilt marker from our in stock homespun poly/wool double width tartan. Available in a 4 yard, 5 yard, or 6 yard pre- pleated Cheater pleats or tradition for you to pleat yourselves. 

  • Cheater Pleats are Available
  • Homespun poly/wool blend fabric
  • Made in the USA at The Celtic Croft
  • Made by very talented kilt maker
  • 52″-54″ double width tartan
  • Only 1-2 week delivery

The Great kilt and a bit O’history

The great kilt being a double width allows the bottom to be pleated while the rest is thrown up on the shoulders  or tucked into the waist band to create its cape like hood to be protected from Y’Fine Scottish weather. When the sun shined the extra fabric could be wrapped and tucked into the waist to create loops and folds that were used to shove your kill of the day, or other items. The great kilt was used as a form on clothing The great kilt enjoyed popularity until the Act of 1746 banned all forms of Highland Dress.

How to measure for your Great kilt:

  • Measure the waist size at your actual waist, where you usually wear your pants.
  • Measure from your waist to about the middle of the knee.
  • Have someone help you. If you bend even a little while trying to do it yourself, the measurement will change.
  • The length measurement is really only relevant if you are adding Cheater Pleats, but the form above asks for it regardless, so you might as well do it right!


4 Yard Fits up to 38″ Waist
5 Yard Fits up to a 48″ Waist 
6 Yard Fits up to a 60″ Waist

 If you are larger than  this please contact us for pricing on larger kilts. Also, If your waist size is close to one of these limits, consider the next size larger if you want deeper pleats or pleats closer together.

What is Homespun Tartan

Homespun tartan is made from a 55/45 blend of polyester and wool. Woven 52″-54″ wide by hand on old-world looms, and looks very authentic to what would have been woven historically. The yarn is worsted, but not spun as tightly as modern machine-made tartan. The cloth is also not as tightly woven. Homespun tartan will pleat by hand easily, but will not develop a sharp edge. Small snags, pulls, holes and other assorted blemishes are common. Because it is hand woven, these flaws are a natural part of it’s character. Homespun is approximately a 9/10oz. fabric, but feels thicker due to it’s looser weave. View our selection of Stock Homespun Tartans 

Pleat your own or Cheater Pleats™

Included with each kilt. are pleating instructions. Traditionally these kilts are pleated each time you wear them. We ask for size information to be sure that your kilt will fit you correctly, but we do not pleat the kilt for you unless you add Cheater Pleats as an Added Option. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.  If you add Cheater Pleats™ to your kilt, it becomes a custom-made item. Custom-order terms and conditions apply. Please click to view important information about custom-order items.  

Right Fit Guaranteed!

Our goal is to make the ordering of your kilt as stress free and enjoyable as possible. We know it’s a big commitment to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom-made kilt. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your kilt will fit you like it should. So, to put you at ease, we are willing to guarantee your kilt will fit! Please see our Right Fit™ Guarantee for all the details.

We look forward to handling your kilt order! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. (Also, we would love to have some feedback from you if our fit guarantee helped you to make your decision to order.) Thanks!

NOTE — Made-to-order in house. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. 

Weight 1.55 lbs

2 reviews for Homespun Great Kilt

  1. Mike Houghton

    A quality product at a very affordable price. Homespun feels very like a pure, albeit rustic, wool
    I would echo the sentiment that a bit of additional width would be nice to allow it to be worn over my head, but it really garners attention and positive feedback when hand pleated and worn.
    I have zero reservations about this kilt and see more in my future.
    I did purchase the 5 yard, even with a 38″ waist. The extra yard is forgiving, whether I add bit of girth or stay close to fighting trim.

  2. Levi S

    I ordered a 4 yard Homespun Great Kilt in the Scottish National tartan, and I am pretty happy with it. I wanted to go the traditional historic route (i.e. not the modern version of the kilt, but rather, as it were, “the whole nine yards”), and this seems to be a pretty good starter for that. “Starter” because it is cheaper than other options, including 100% wool (I might like to get a wool one eventually). That said, it does have a nice quality feel to it; slightly scratchy and with a nice weight. There’s hand craftsmanship for you. “Pretty happy” and “Pretty good” (as opposed to completely good and happy) because a) I wish it were a bit wider than a yard and a half so that it could go over my head when being worn as a cloak, and b) I’m sort of starting to wish I had ordered at least 5 yards long instead of 4, though I’m of two minds about it. In the description above, it says
    4 Yard (fits up to a 38″ waist)
    5 Yard (fits up to a 48″ waist)
    6 Yard (fits up to a 60″ waist)
    What’s not mentioned (and I overlooked) is that the larger lengths should also be able to fit smaller waists, if one makes the pleats denser (can I get verification on this?). I mentioned above that I’m of two minds about whether I wish I had ordered a longer kilt, because again, it’s a starter (read “cheaper”) kilt, and making it longer would have cost more so I’m not sure if I would have ordered a longer one even if I had known then what I have since conjectured.

    All in all, it’s pretty good and I’m pretty happy; the main thing is that I do wish it was wider so that it could reach above my head.

    Perhaps eventually I will order a nine yard long, 5 1/2 foot wide, 100% wool Great Kilt, but my wallet (or sporran?) isn’t ready for that yet.

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