Build Your Own Rental Package
Build Your Own Rental Package Build Your Own Rental Package Build Your Own Rental Package

Build Your Own Kilt Rental Package Add to wishlist

  • Rent only what you need
  • Many options avalible
  • Complete your attire with just the items you want to rent
  • Build your own rental attire
  • Even the shoes are for rent
  • Rent kilt hose and keep them after!

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Create the perfect look with being able to choose what you need for your attire and leave the rest. Do you own kilt but still don’t have all the accessories, or maybe you have the accessories and no kilt. We have all the items you might need to complete your Scottish attire. You can choose what you need and what you don’t with our Build your Own Rental Package.

Its well know that if you leave your kilt and Scottish accessories in the closet unworn for to long they with “shrink” if you can fallen victim of a shrinking kilt then give us a call and rent just what you need.


When you are reserving your rental, please make sure you give us the actual date of the event. We need to know the exact dates to reserve the rental. If you will be traveling, please provide additional information in the comments box during checkout. Please specify the date you will be leaving. Please let us know if you will be returning the rental from your destination, or when you return home.

We want to make sure that you get your rental in enough time to try everything on, and order new sizes if necessary. Please double check your sizes before ordering to avoid additional shipping costs.

If you are ordering rentals for more than just yourself, you might want to download our Rental Size Information Spreadsheet to make it easier to collect size information from everyone in your party. This document is in Microsoft Excel format.

A Bit of Shipping Info

We will send you a confirmation of your reservation via email. We package and ship the rental approximately 10 days before the event. once you get your package please try everything on right away even the shoes. If you find that something doesn’t fit and you contact us within 48 hours and we will get you a replacement on our cost, anything after 48 we gladly get you a replacement but you will be required to cover shipping costs. We do not ask for any items back before the event, everything can be shipped back after all at once. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information on Shipping.

Our goal is to make your kilt rental experience is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, and to ensure that your rental proceeds as smoothly as possible. We look forward to handling your order! Once you are ready to order, please start with…

Terms and Conditions

Really Important Stuff You Need To Know About Your Rental Order

If you’re thinking about renting, please download our Rental Terms and Conditions PDF document. This is REALLY IMPORTANT stuff that we need you to read and understand.

This is not the usual B.S. terms and conditions that you run across everyday (and agree to without reading)! Please print a copy for yourself, and a copy for everyone in your rental party that is going to be responsible for caring for and returning an outfit.

Please read everything, and be sure that you understand it. If you have any questions, please ask! This document includes everything you need to know to be sure your rental will arrive on time, and fit you properly!

Please feel free to contact us 763-569-4373 or if you have any questions.



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