Bollock Dagger

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  • The Bollock Dagger it suggests male anatomy and was traditionally used as a peasant utility knife in Scotland from the 1300s (similar to a dirk)
  • It comes with a 7-inch stainless steel blade that measures 12 inches overall with a real wood handle
  • Customize by upgrading to a good-quality black or brown leather sheath
  • Add an interesting (if slightly bawdy) part of history to your collection. It also works as a fun conversation starter


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Optional Upgrades:

Black Quality Leather Bollock Dagger Sheath

  • Premium Quality Black Genuine Leather
  • Strong Stitching
  • Fits Standard Kilt Belts (2.25" Wide)
  • Custom-made to Fit Our Bollock Daggers

Brown Quality Leather Bollock Dagger Sheath

  • Premium Quality Brown Genuine Leather
  • Strong Stitching
  • Fits Standard Kilt Belts (2.25" Wide)
  • Custom-made to Fit Our Bollock Daggers
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Yes, that is what it is supposed to look like! The bollock dagger appeared in the 12th century as a peasant utility knife and was quaintly called a kidney knife during Victorian times to avoid being improper about its suggestive shape. This knife will be an interesting conversation starter and a bawdy bit of humor to add to your collection. 

Upgraded leather sheaths are available in black and brown as the standard sheath leaves something to be desired. The blade measures 7 inches and is made from stainless steel. Overall, the knife measures 12 inches long, including the solid real wood handle.

7 reviews for Bollock Dagger

  1. Sgt Machalinski

    Great knife for the money. Dagger came with a good working edge. Fit and finish is excellent. Great customer service and lightning fast shipping. I will be making more purchases from this fine company in the future

  2. Jamie Tanner

    I received my Bollock knife from the Celtic Croft promptly and feel that the knife itself is a good deal for the money. The blade was reasonably sharp and the wood handle/guard nicely crafted. The sheath that I received wasn’t red, it was a nice brown and it fit the blade well. I wouldn’t say it is a particularly sturdy piece of leatherwork so re-enactors or renaissance faire goers probably would want to either make or craft themselves a sturdier one.

    This is what I wrote when I shared it on Facebook with my friends

    My latest acquisition for my collection, a Bollock knife. These were used in the British Isles and Europe from the 13th Century and on through almost to the 16th Century . If it looks suggestive of male anatomy … well that’s exactly what is supposed to look like ( during the Victorian Era they were apparently referred to as “ kidney knives “ as kidneys were more socially acceptable than..well those other parts). “Bollock” is another word for testes and this style of guard and handle is pretty much just a crude joke. Even more so if they were worn in the front of one’s trousers.

    It’s origins were as a peasant’s knife used for work, eating, and self defense if necessary. Later versions became fancier and moved toward the wealthier middle class. Over time they became larger as well as more elaborate. Some French examples were distinguished by having three bollocks on the guard!

    The bollock knife is the ancestor/predecessor of the Scottish Dirk.

    This particular one is more like the original peasant tool and I think is an interesting addition, if for nothing else than the story of how they proved so popular for so long. I’m sure that at least a few of my friends will probably will appreciate a 700 year old dick joke)

  3. JD Yellowolf

    As is noted in the product description, the sheath is complete worthless garbage. The knife won’t even fit into it. On the plus side, though, for $20 you get a knife with a well made handle, and a fairly decent stainless steel blade which comes duller than a butter knife, but will take and hold an edge fairly well. I made my own sheath for it, and when I wear it I always get compliments/questions.

  4. Dan D

    Dagger should raise some eyebrows

  5. lowell j

    excellent with my belted plaid thankx

  6. Paul M

    A fun addition to your kilt belt.
    You can never have enough bollocks.

  7. Rosemary T

    A great conversation piece and a good draw item at renaissance fairs.

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