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Basic Sporran Suspender

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  • Classic and simple, our Basic Sporran Suspender allows you to fasten your sporran directly to your kilt belt without a chain strap 
  • Crafted from good quality black leather to match a black or mixed color sporran
  • Pairs with any kilt belt (2¼ inches)
  • Fastens with an easy-on easy-off snap closure for convenience and to keep your sporran safe and secure


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Basic Sporran Suspender

If you want a classic sporran suspender that’ll get the job done, our Basic Sporran Suspender is the accessory for you! This is a perfect option for a kilt and sporran wearer looking to avoid the typical chain strap option for your sporran. This suspender comes in classic black leather to pair easily with almost any outfit. Not to mention, it’ll fit any standard kilt belt (2¼ inches). We’ve even included an easy-on easy-off snap closure for a no-hassle experience getting your suspender off and on your belt, but to keep things together when it counts. It doesn’t get any more classic or convenient than this! 

6 reviews for Basic Sporran Suspender

  1. Andrew Rhodes

    These things are ingenious. They are so much easier to attach the sporran, and they do not affect the material of your r kilt like the regular chain strap.

  2. Randall P.

    These are a solid alternative to our classic way of suspending the sporran. If you don’t mind straying from tradition for casual wear I suggest trying them. Very handy and well made.

  3. Thomas T.

    Straps are great. Makes it easier for attaching the sporran and does not effect the kilt like the traditional chain belt.

  4. Peter A.

    I find that the sporran suspenders are a convenient alternative to the traditional chain or leather strap. If I’m in a hurry, I can just attach the clasp to the sporran and then attach the straps to my belt at a faster rate than the traditional straps.

  5. David G.

    Its great, I use it when camping and for casual wear. It much easier to deal with the the traditional chain strap and still looks good.

  6. Kaine Aitken

    These straps are just what I’ve been looking for. If your like me and get tired of the traditional chain, I highly suggest this product. It’s much quicker and easier to put on, it doesn’t get in the way and it still looks snazzy!

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