Standard Rob Roy Sporran

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Standard Rob Roy Sporran

Colors may vary.

Our Standard Rob Roy Sporrans and made from good quality leather and are well constructed. Roomy interior allows plenty of room for your stuff. Wide, easy access, draw-string opening. Pewter buttons may vary from picture shown, includes chain strap.

Sporrans of this type were typical of those worn back in the 1700’s, before the rather grandious hair sporrans worn by Highland regiments during the 1800’s caught on among civilians due to King George IV’s visit to Scotland in 1822, which spawned a craze for all things Highland that was to carry on for generations after due to Queen Victoria’s enthusiasm for things Scottish (and Highland in particular).

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4 reviews for Standard Rob Roy Sporran

  1. Charles Rice

    I’m very happy with my new sporran. Great quality for the price and very roomy.

  2. Ryan W.

    My first sporran, and I love it. I did have to shorten the chain 5 links on each side to get it to fit my 34″ waist, but after that, it’s great! I looked at harder bodied sporrans and am very glad I chose this soft model. I’ve only had it 2 days, but it holds everything I need and seems to be put together very well. I would recommend it to anyone. The only thing I will say that isn’t 100% positive is that the button for the clasp is made of metallic looking plastic instead of being real metal. Still love it!

  3. Mick M

    Lovely soft leather body. Stiff lid. Takes some wear to get the ties to loosen up. For the price, not a better sporran out there. The hanger on the back is not replaceable. The chain hanger is the usual cheap one that comes with all sporrans and is in black leather, not brown. The position of the hanger rings, right at the top, means that it will hang lower than normal. I had to take 7 links out of the chain because even at the lowest hole on the belt, it hung about 6 inches too low. (My waist is 36″) All in all, I am wonderfully happy with this purchase.

  4. Brodie

    The quality is much better than expected for the price. Holds everything I would normally carry with me and then some. Also dealing with the customer service department was the best experience I have had with any company in years. You can not go wrong with this item or this vendor. Truly amazing.

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