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Quality Leather Sporran Chain Strap Installed on Sporran

White Rabbit Fur Sporran

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  • Lovely, soft white rabbit fur is eye-catching against the black leather body

  • Shiny chrome cantle tops off this sporran with a bit of flash

  • Easy access to all your goodies with an opening at the top with snaps closed for security

  • Comes with sporran chain strap(up to 46″ waist) or XL strap suspender

  • Premium Chain Strap upgrade available


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Upgrade Option:

Basic XL Sporran Chain Strap (Fits up to 56 inch waist)

  • Fits up to about a 56-inch waist
  • Made from decent quality leather-like stuff
  • Basic chain strap that gets the job done

Looking for something nicer? Take a look at our Premium Leather Sporran Chain Straps.

Sporran Suspender - Black Leather

  • Simple and functional, our Sporran Suspender allows you to fasten your sporran directly to your kilt belt without a chain strap 
  • Crafted from good quality black leather to match a black or mixed color sporran
  • Pairs with any kilt belt (2¼ inches)
  • Fastens with an easy-on easy-off snap closure for convenience and to keep your sporran safe and secure
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White Rabbit Fur Sporran

This sporran will put your céile’s (wife’s) Coach bag to shame. It is the manliest of purses. This sporran is made of black leather (masculine!) with white rabbit fur tassels (so soft!), topped off with a chrome cantle (so shiny!). Just think, all the animal bits plus polished chrome in one perfect package. You’ll be pleased by the attention this sporran draws when you reach your phone or flask. Snaps securely closed so you won’t lose your stuff when you toss the sheaf or enjoy a bit of Highland dancing.

Weight 1.12 lbs

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