Masonic Premium Fur Sporran
Quality Leather Sporran Chain Strap Installed on a Sporran
Celtic Embossed Sporran Suspender

Masonic Premium Fur Sporran

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  • This stunning Masonic Premium Fur Sporran is made in Scotland to ensure Celtic authenticity and quality workmanship
  • Inclusion of the Masonic symbol on the flap displays your loyalty and association to this group
  • Features the classic three tassels, suspended by chains, which add a touch of flair to this unique and beautiful accessory
  • The sporran is dèanamh le làimh (handmade) using premium black leather and the natural fur on your sporran will vary in color, so no two sporrans are exactly alike


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Masons, take heed. This beautiful, handcrafted Masonic Premium Fur Sporran is the one for you. This sporran is made from premium black leather and sports the Masonic symbol on the cover flap. Below the flap, the sporran has genuine premium fur. Extending from under the flap are three tassels that hang from silver chains. These tassels add some sparkle and dramatically accentuate this lovely piece. Attach the sporran to your attire with a sporran suspender. Or, choose a chain strap with various length options. No matter which option you choose, show your uabhar (pride) with this eye-catching and unique Masonic Premium Fur Sporran.

Weight 1.35 lbs
Chain Strap Size

Sporran Suspender (One Size), Small (Up to 34 inch), Medium (Up to 43 Inch), Large (40-48 Inch), XL (45-53 Inch), XXL (50-58 Inch), XXXL (54-62 Inch)


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