Masonic Premium Fur Sporran

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  • Adorn your favorite kilt with this high-quality, authentic sporran; made in Scotland with premium leather 
  • Made with premium bovine fur; colors will vary as each piece is unique
  • Decorated with the Masonic symbol of the compass and square
  • Customize your sporran with either a chain strap or a suspender to make it your own.



Made just for Masons, you will love this high quality, unique, and authentic sporran. Made with high-quality leather by skilled Scottish craftsmen, this sporran is decorated with the Masonic compass and square symbol and three bovine fur tassels. This attractive and high-quality sporran is the perfect piece to complete any outfit and will bring urram (honor) to any occasion.  

Accessorize your favorite kilt with the symbols of honesty and morality in Masonic conduct. No two sporrans are alike – the genuine premium bovine fur means that the colors will vary. Customize it further by choosing between a chain strap or a suspender.

Weight 1.35 lbs


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