Antiqued Thistle Knot Dress Sporran White
Antiqued Thistle Knot Dress Sporran White
Celtic Embossed Sporran Suspender

Antiqued Thistle Knot Dress Sporran

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Antiqued Thistle Knot Dress Sporran

This formal dress sporran is a particularly striking sporran. The top, or cantle successfully incorporates both celtic and thistle designs. The sporran is made using a bovine skin. The bovine fur is unique to each sporran, so colors will vary. This sporran is hand crafted in Glasgow by dedicated and experienced craftsmen specializing in Sporran making. This Sporran is also available in an Chrome finish and can be cross chained if desired. Please specify when ordering. Price includes a Sporran Suspender.

The Scottish Thistle: The Legend and Meaning

As the most well known and easily recognized symbol of Scotland, the thistle is also believed to be the oldest recorded national flower. 

Legend has it that a field of thistles saved a party of sleeping Scots warriors from an ambush by Norse invaders. When one of the Norse attackers trod on a thistle field with his bare feet, his cries and screams roused the Scots. The ambush was made ineffective, and the Scots were able to defeat the invaders. The Scots’ victory was all thanks to the thistle’s thorns! The thistle was then adopted as the symbol of Scotland. It represents the bravery, devotion, durability, strength, and determination of the Celtic people.


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