Antiqued Thistle Sword Kilt Pin-sold 9/2020

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  • Cast in Brass
  • Antiqued Finish
  • 3.5″ Long
  • Sword and Thistle


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Antiqued Thistle Sword Kilt Pin

Combining two of Scotland’s well known symbols, the thistle and sword. This kilt pin has a budge price but still good quality. Therefor, instead of wearing your grandfather kilt pin, place this on your kilt for your for a pub nigh out and have no worries about losing a family heirloom. The sword for bravery of the Scots and the thistle for victory. This Antiqued Thistle Sword Kilt Pin is cast in brass, with an antiqued lacquer finish. Technically this is an Economy item, but it’s so nice we have trouble calling it that. Therefore the antiqued thistle sword kilt pin is quite nice for the price. Measures 3.5 inches Long.

  • Cast in brass
  • Antiqued finish
  • Measures 3.5 inches long
  • Sword and thistle design

Why are kilt pins shaped liked swords?

The sword was the weapon of choice of most Scotsman and Celts when they were battling to keep Scotland… well Scotland. Wearing a kilt pin on your kilt shaped as a sword reminds us of the battles that were won and lost trying to save Scotland. The bravery and the fight in all of us to fight for what we love.

What is a kilt pin?

Have you ever worn a kilt on a windy day? Yes, we all have, and it can be quite nerving worrying about becoming the next Marilyn Monroe. Therefore, we recommend that you wear a piece of jewelry called a kilt pin on the lower corner of the outer apron of your kilt. The kilt pin adds weight to the outer apron, this prevents the apron blowing open and showing off too much leg. You may also wear a kilt pin purely as a form of decoration, so pick a kilt pin that represents you!

This kilt pin is included in our Antiqued Thistle Collection. Save $20 on a set of 4 antiqued thistle accessories!

The Scottish Thistle: The Legend and Meaning

Most people know and easily recognize the thistle as the symbol of Scotland. Researchers believe that Scots chose the thistle as the first national flower.

Legend has it that a field of thistles saved a party of sleeping Scots warriors from an ambush by Norse invaders. When one of the Norse attackers trod on a thistle field with his bare feet, his cries and screams roused the Scots. The ambush became ineffective, and the Scots defeated the invaders. The Scots’ victory was all thanks to the thistle’s thorns! They then adopted the thistle as the symbol of Scotland. It represents the bravery, devotion, durability, strength, and determination of the Celtic people.

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3 reviews for Antiqued Thistle Sword Kilt Pin-sold 9/2020

  1. Wayne Elliott

    LIke the product, is what I looked for and keeps my kilt from flopping in the breeze!

  2. Dave Raymond

    The detail and size are very good. The closure is poor and opens up frequently. I had to make a “pliers adjustment” to keep the hasp from opening up on its own.

  3. Bob

    There are less expensive items, but not as good of quality.

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