Traditional Multi-Color Self Tie Flashes

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Traditional Multi-Color Self Tie Flashes

Flashes are a traditional part of any kilted outfit, so why not go with the traditional look? This style of flashes are self tie to give you an authentic, pre-elastic look. Made by the House of Cheviot in Scotland, these are constructed with merino wool and hand finished to ensure quality. Approximately 36 inches in length, but may vary slightly. Available in 30 colors to match your kilt juuust right. Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.


  • Traditional flashes for a timeless look
  • 30 colors available
  • Approximately 36 inches long
  • Hand finished by House of Cheviot


1 review for Traditional Multi-Color Self Tie Flashes

  1. lLarry Reed

    I personally prefer garter ties verses flashes, classy. The only down side is learning to tie them correctly. Not to fear Cheviiat, the manufacturer, has a utube video explaining how to tie them correctly.

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