Don McKee Thistle Kilt Belt Buckle

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  • Made by world-renowned artist and craftsman Don McKee and is sturdy with intricate detail
  • Features Scottish thistle symbol and represents Celtic bravery, determination, and nobility
  • Fits any standard kilt belt (2.5 inches wide) and is appropriate for any kilted outfit
  • Made in the USA from solid cast pewter


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Don McKee Thistle Kilt Belt Buckle

Don McKee’s thistle kilt belt buckle shows the kind of artistry and attention to detail you would expect from a world-renowned craftsman! Because of the intricate detail throughout, your kilt will be able to be seen through it, creating an interesting and powerful look. You will love this high-quality, solid, and sturdy accessory with any kilted outfit.

Made in the USA from solid cast pewter, connect to your roots wearing the traditional thistle symbol. The thistle historically represents the bravery, determination, and nobility of the Celtic people. This kilt belt buckle fits all standard kilt belts (2.5 inches wide). 


3 reviews for Don McKee Thistle Kilt Belt Buckle

  1. Doug

    Ordered the thistle kilt pin and buckle by Don McKee. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship in the detail. Can’t recommend the pieces enough and I’ll be very happy wearing these.

  2. Stunning buckle!

    This is a stunning piece of work! Solid and sturdy, and the I love how my kilts shownthrough it. Money well spent!

  3. DH

    I love Don McKee’s work. This belt buckle is absolutely a work of art. Well worth it.

    I have the plaid brooch to go with it as well. I also have the rampant lion set (brooch, buckle, kilt pin) for a different occasion.

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