Celtic Music That Moves You – Albannach

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CD - Albannach - self titled

Track List:

  1. Unleash The Albannach
  2. Burlin
  3. In Bed With Quinsy
  4. Ancestors
  5. Albacadabra
  6. Claymores
  7. Hooligans Holiday
  8. The Wanted Man Of Barra
  9. Rout Of Moy
  10. A'Mhaighdeann Bharrach (The Maiden Of Barra)

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CD - Albannach - Eye of The Storm

Track List:

  1. The Uprising
  2. Rampant's Revenge
  3. Auld Nick's a Piper
  4. Scotland is Her Name
  5. Alexander's Welcome
  6. Atholl Express
  7. Corpse Foot Jigs
  8. Rebel King
  9. The Gael
  10. Pictavia's Pride
  11. Vahalla's Feast
  12. Fallen Heroes

Albannach, Scottish Gaelic for “Scottish,” is the Celtic Music That Moves You, their band formed in 2005 in Glasgow, Scotland. Their traditional music is heavily percussive, driven by bass drums, bodhráns, and a single bagpipe. Tribal is the word many use when trying to describe their music.  While listening to Albannach, you can’t help but move your body, and feel the energy. The combination of the instruments and their talent brings you back in time.

Bundle Includes:

These two CD’s are great for if you are hosting an event, or just gearing up for your local renaissance and need to escape today’s crazy and enter a world of history and excitement.


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