Waltons 18 Inch Celtic Cross Learn to Play Bodhran Kit

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Waltons 18 Inch Celtic Cross Learn to Play Bodhran Kit

  • Waltons 18" Standard Bodhran
  • Celtic Cross Design on Head
  • Hardwood Tipper (Beater)
  • Made in Ireland
  • 4-ply Laminated Wood Frame
  • Medium-brown Finish
  • Real Goatskin Head
  • Matching Leather Band
  • Fastened with Brass Tacks

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Bodhran Care Cream Leather Conditioner

  • Protect from Splitting and Cracking
  • Use on Real Goatskin Bodhrans
  • A Must Especially for New Bodhrans
  • Very Affordable
  • Highly Recommended
  • Lasts for Years
  • Use 4 Times a Year
  • Apply to Top and Bottom of Head
  • Do Not Use on Top of Painted Designs

Waltons 18 Inch Celtic Cross Learn to Play Bodhran Kit

For a high-quality bodhran starter set, this is the best deal going! You won’t find a better way to get started learning to play the bodhran! Purchased separately, all this would cost a lot more.

You get a 18″ bodhran, handcrafted from the finest materials. The 4-ply laminated wood frame is light and strong, and also makes it more resistant to changes due to humidity. The wood-grain shows nicely through the medium-brown finish.

The head is made from real goatskin — the most traditional, and very best material for a bodhran head.

A matching brown leather band gives it a nice, finished look. The leather band is fastened all the way around with decorative, brass tacks.

Package includes:

  • Waltons 18″ Standard Celtic Cross Bodhran
  • Hardwood Tipper (beater)
  • DVD Beginners Guide to The Bodhran, by Conor Long
  • 18″ Zippered Nylon Bodhran Case

History Behind the Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is a symbol that originated from the high crosses found in Ireland dating between the 9th and 12th centuries. The cross itself stems from the Latin cross, however, the addition of the ring connecting the limbs of the cross set it apart. Stone workers added this ring in order to support the arms of the cross and provide a longer lifespan to the stone structure. This design rose in popularity during the Celtic Revival in the 1800s and people began to refer to it as a “Celtic Cross” starting in this time period. The cross on this bodhran focuses on the upper portion of the cross and eliminates the shaft. You can see that this product is decorated with intricate interlacing that imitates the ornamentation found in early illuminated manuscripts and on stone Celtic crosses.

Weight 5.01 lbs

Waltons 18 Inch Celtic Cross Learn to Play Bodhran Kit

Weight 5.01 lbs

Bodhran Care Cream Leather Conditioner

Weight 0.57 lbs

2 reviews for Waltons 18 Inch Celtic Cross Learn to Play Bodhran Kit

  1. Harry W

    Quick service and delivery.
    Drum sounds great. Now, if only I can learn to play it well.

  2. CRW

    High quality at a reasonable price.

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