Medium Weight Premium Wool Tartan Tote Bag

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  • Tote Bag Made in the USA
  • Tartan Woven in Scotland
  • Medium Weight (12/13oz) Tartan
  • Hundreds of Tartans Available
  • Gusseted Bottom
  • Measures Approx. 14″ x 4″ x 20″

This is a Custom-Made item, made-to-order by us, right here in the USA. Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about custom-order items.


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Medium Weight Premium Wool Tartan Tote Bag (Catalog tartan list D tartans)

Tote your books and stuff in style! These Tartan Tote Bags are made-to-order from your choice of hundreds of Tartans. Made from medium weight (12/13 oz.) premium wool tartan, woven in Scotland.

Fully lined, with a nifty zippered pouch inside for your small, important stuff. The bottom of the bag is gusseted so you can fit more stuff. Measures approximately 14″x4″x20″.

  • Tote Bag Made by Us in the USA
  • Tartan Woven in Scotland
  • Medium Weight (12/13oz) Premium Wool Tartan
  • Hundreds of Tartans Available
  • Fully Lined
  • Nifty Zippered Pouch
  • Gusseted Bottom to Fit More Stuff
  • Measures Approx. 14″ x 4″ x 20″

We custom make these right here in the USA. Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about custom-order items.

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Weight 0.4 lbs
Strathmore Medium Weight Tartan List D

Aberfeldy, Anderson Modern, Armstrong Ancient, Armstrong Modern, Austin/Keith/Marshall Ancient, Austin/Keith/Marshall Modern, Baird Ancient, Baird Modern, Black Watch Modern #2, Blair Modern, Braveheart Warrior (Watt), Buchanan Hunting Modern, Buchanan Modern, Buchanan Reproduction, Caledonia (District) Ancient, Caledonia (District) Modern, Cameron Clan Modern, Cameron of Erracht Ancient, Cameron of Erracht Modern, Campbell Argyll Ancient*, Campbell Argyll Modern*, Campbell Dress Modern, Campbell of Cawdor Modern, Carnegie Modern, Chisholm Hunting Ancient, Colquhoun Ancient, Colquhoun Modern, Cooper Modern, Crawford Ancient, Crawford Modern, Davidson Ancient, Davidson Modern, Douglas (Green) Ancient, Douglas (Green) Modern, Douglas Grey Modern, Drummond of Perth Modern, Dunbar (District) Modern, Duncan Ancient, Duncan Modern, Earl of St. Andrews, Elliot Modern, Farquharson Ancient, Farquharson Modern, Ferguson Modern, Forbes Ancient, Forbes Modern, Forrester Hunting Modern, Forrester Modern, Forsyth Ancient, Fraser Hunting Ancient, Fraser Hunting Modern, Fraser Red (Dress) Modern, Fraser Red (Dress) Muted, Freemason (Masonic), Galbraith Ancient, Galbraith Modern, Gordon Ancient, Gordon Dress Modern, Gordon Modern, Graham of Menteith Ancient, Graham of Menteith Modern, Graham of Montrose Ancient, Graham of Montrose Modern, Grant (Red) Modern, Gunn Ancient, Gunn Modern, Hamilton Red Modern, Henderson Modern, Innes Red Modern, Jardine Dress Modern, Johnston(e) Ancient, Johnston(e) Modern, Keith/Austin/Marshall Ancient, Keith/Austin/Marshall Modern, Kennedy Modern, Kerr (Red) Ancient, Kerr (Red) Modern, Lamont Ancient, Lamont Modern, Leslie (Dress) Red Modern, Lindsay Ancient, Lindsay Modern, Logan/MacLennan Ancient, Logan/MacLennan Modern, MacAlpine Modern, MacBeth Modern, MacCallum Old Ancient, MacCallum Old Modern, MacDonald Clan Ancient, MacDonald Clan Modern, MacDonald Dress Modern, MacDonald of Clanranald Ancient, MacDonald of Clanranald Modern, MacDonald of Clanranald Muted, MacDonald of the Isles (Hunting) Ancient, MacDonald of the Isles (Hunting) Modern, MacDougall Modern, MacDuff Hunting Modern, MacFarlane Hunting Modern, MacGregor Hunting Modern, MacInnes (Hunting) Modern, MacIntosh Hunting Ancient, MacIntosh Hunting Modern, MacKay Blue Ancient, MacKay Blue Modern, MacKenzie Ancient, MacKenzie Dress Modern, MacKenzie Modern, MacKinnon Hunting Modern, MacLachlan (Red) Modern, MacLaren Modern, MacLean Hunting Ancient, MacLean Hunting Modern, MacLean of Duart (Red) Ancient, MacLean of Duart (Red) Modern, MacLeod Dress (Lewis) Modern, MacLeod Hunting (Harris) Ancient, MacLeod Hunting (Harris) Modern, MacMillan Hunting Modern, MacNab Modern, MacNeil (Hunting) of Barra Ancient, MacNeil (Hunting) of Barra Modern, MacNicol/Nicolson Hunting Modern, MacPherson (Red) Modern, MacPherson (Red) Muted, MacPherson Hunting Modern, MacRae Hunting Ancient, MacRae Hunting Modern, MacThomas Ancient, MacThomas Modern, Malcolm Modern, Marshall/Keith/Austin Ancient, Marshall/Keith/Austin Modern, Moffat (Clan) Modern, Morrison Green (Hunting) Ancient, Morrison Green (Hunting) Modern, Murray of Atholl Ancient, Murray of Atholl Modern, Musselburgh Ancient, Nicolson/MacNicol Hunting Modern, Polaris, Ramsay Blue Modern, Ramsay Red Modern, Robertson Hunting Ancient, Robertson Hunting Modern, Robertson Hunting Muted, Robertson Red Modern, Rose Hunting Ancient, Ross Hunting Modern, Royal Canadian Air Force, Scotland 2000, Scott Green Ancient, Scott Green Modern, Scott Red Modern, Scott Red Muted, Scottish National Ancient, Scottish National Modern, Shaw Modern, Shepherd Black & White, Sinclair Hunting (Green) Ancient, Smith Ancient, Smith Modern, Solid Saffron, Sons of Scotland Modern, Spirit of Scotland Modern, Stewart Dress Modern, Stewart Hunting Ancient, Stewart Hunting Modern, Stewart Hunting Muted, Stewart of Appin Hunting Ancient, Stewart Prince Charles Edward, Stewart Royal Modern, Strathdon (District), Strathisla (District), Strathmore (District), Strathtay (District), Strathtummel (District), Sutherland Old Ancient, U.S. Air Force (Unofficial), U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Law Enforcement, U.S. Marines (Leathernecks), U.S. Navy (Edzell), Urquhart Old Ancient, Urquhart Old Modern, Wallace (Green) Hunting Ancient, Wallace Red Modern, Young Modern


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