Haggis Potato Chips

Haggis Potato Chips Set of 2

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Haggis Potato Chips!

Haggis flavored potato chips?? What could be better than that?!!  Yum!

Made in Scotland!

This is a 5.3-ounce bag, which is a pretty good size bag. (A regular single-serving bag of chips is only 1.5 ounces.) I’d describe it as small family size, or super awesome “leave my &%#[email protected]’ haggis chips alone!” single serving size.

If you have a large family to shop for, or if you suspect like I do that you will love these things, then you might as well just get a 12-pack case (30% off the single bag price)!

From the bag:

Mackie’s haggis & Cracked Black Pepper flavor promises you a true taste of Scotland. Haggis has a surprisingly delicious spicy flavor — a perfect match for the fresh potato taste of Mackie’s crisps. Challenge guests to guess the flavor!

Mackie’s crisps are made in Scotland by two family owned food and farming businesses, Mackie’s of Scotland and Taypack. Our gentle cooking process creates a unique fresh taste and crisp texture. Mackie’s award winning potato crisps are created with natural flavorings and their star ingredient — our locally farmed potatoes.


4 reviews for Haggis Potato Chips Set of 2

  1. Shane M

    I was amazed. My cousin and I love them. For those curious the closest taste we could come up with is a pot roast that game from wild game.

  2. Cole F.

    Yumm. They are actually pretty addictive.

  3. Virginia H

    Bought these as a gift for someone else and he loves them!! Thanks!!

  4. Margaret C

    I really love this taste – was surprised that it actually tasted like haggis.

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