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Celtic Cross Flask

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This Celtic Cross Flask is the best all-around flask we’ve found, for price and features!

  • Durable stainless steel. Stays looking nice, and it won’t impart any off-flavors to your favorite distilled adult beverage, even with long-term storage.
  • Built-in shot glass!
  • Removable clip lets you attach the flask to your sporran chain or a belt loop.
  • Comes in a nice gift/storage box.
  • Holds almost a full 8 oz.

This Celtic Cross  Flask comes with a Pewter, Brass, or Bronze Celtic Cross  medallion attached to the bottom of the shot glass. Until you pull the shot glass out, it looks like the medallion is just decorating the front of your flask! (Shot glasses fit snugly, so you don’t need to worry about it falling out on its own.)

History Behind the Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is a symbol that originated from the high crosses found in Ireland dating between the 9th and 12th centuries. The cross itself stems from the Latin cross, however, the addition of the ring connecting the limbs of the cross set it apart. Stone workers added this ring in order to support the arms of the cross and provide a longer lifespan to the stone structure. This design rose in popularity during the Celtic Revival in the 1800s and people began to refer to it as a “Celtic Cross” starting in this time period. You can see that this product is decorated with intricate interlacing that imitates the ornamentation found in early illuminated manuscripts and on stone Celtic crosses.

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