MacRae Hunting Modern Poly Viscose Wool Free Tartan Remnant

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Poly/Viscose Tartan (Medium Weight)

Our Medium Weight Poly Viscose Tartan is hypoallergenic, durable, and affordable. Whether you are allergic to wool, or just want a great looking tartan for cheap, a synthetic blend is a great way to go! Our Poly/Viscose Tartan is hard wearing, washable, and cool to wear. To the untrained eye, it is nearly indistinguishable from expensive 100% wool tartan.

  • 65/35 Poly/Viscose Blend
  • Medium Weight (11/12oz.)
  • Woven in the UK
  • Affordable and Hypoallergenic
  • Measures Approx 10″ Wide x 60″ long
  • Durable Twill Weave
  • Looks just like wool!

What are its disadvantages? Only that there are just 70 tartans available in this fabulous blend!

Twill weave, 60 inches wide. Woven from a 65/35 blend of polyester and viscose.

Note – this tartan does not have kilting selvages, so a hem will be required for kiltmaking.

What is Poly/Viscose?

Poly is short for polyester, which is a durable, smooth, synthetic fiber. You may know viscose by the name rayon. Workers make rayon out of cellulose fiber from wood and plants. In this case, the viscose is made to imitate wool. These two fibers blend together to create a durable, non-felting, non-pilling, hypoallergenic fabric that retains the same wonderful, natural aesthetics of wool.