Murray of Atholl Modern 2.5 Yard Tartan Earasaid – Homespun Wool Blend

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  • Choose from over 80 tartans and proudly celebrate your clan and family heritage in your Homespun Wool Blend Earasaid
  • Available in 55/45 polyester and wool homespun blend, handspun on old-world looms for a loose, historically authentic fabric weave
  • Rustic fabric on our Homespun Wool Blend Earasaid pleats easily, but you can custom-order it with our Cheater Pleats™
  • Select from 2.5, 3, and 4-yard sizes for an ideal fit


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Who runs the world? Lasses do, and bonnie Highland dress enthusiasts of the Caileag (female) persuasion have a tartan that can multitask, just like them. 

The Homespun Wool Blend Earasaid (also spelled erasaid or arisaid) is essentially the female version of the great kilt. To wear it traditionally, the Homespun Wool Blend Earasaid goes over a dress. Wear it long or short, to keep warm, or as a stylish accent to a Highland dress ensemble. You can pleat it yourself following the instructions we will include, or order it custom-made with our Cheater Pleats™. Choose from over 80 tartans and wear your heritage with style!