Wallace Red Modern Acrylic Kilt 34W 21L

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Wallace Red Modern Tartan Acrylic Kilt 34″waist 21″ length
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The AcryliKilt™ is the very best kilt you’re going to get for $75 or less! The AcryliKilt™ is constructed almost as well as our Homespun Kilt. Why so cheap? The biggest difference is in the fabric. The AcryliKilt™ is made from low-cost but good-looking, light-weight, 100% acrylic tartan fabric. (Our Homespun Kilt is made from a medium-weight poly/wool blend.)

The straps and buckles on an AcryliKilt™ are good, but not as good as those on a Homespun Kilt.  They do have belt loops though, which is one of the most-requested features.

If you’re looking for a decent kilt on the cheap, give it a try! (We think you’ll be happy with your Acrylikilt™, but if you are unsure, then consider our Homespun Kilt instead. It’s a better kilt, and still affordable.


Weight 1 lbs
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