KPHS-IS-1804 Bruce Modern Tartan Phillabeg
KPHS-IS-1804 Bruce Modern Tartan Phillabeg

Bruce Modern Homespun 4 Yard Tartan Phillabeg with Cheater Pleats – 34W 21L

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Bruce Modern Homespun Tartan Phillabeg with Cheater Pleats – 34W 21L

The homespun phillabeg kilt is favored by many! They are light and comfortable, and allow maximum freedom of movement. Made similar to an Ancient kilt with out the extra fabric that is used to make the sash. The Phillabeg is made from single width homespun tartan. Add Cheater Pleats ad straps and buckles for ease-ability or order as and pleat yourself! Made in house by our very skilled kilt maker. Made in the USA!

The Phillabeg a.k.a. phille-bheagh, feilidh-beag, or “little kilt”

The phillabeg can be traced historically back to at least the late 1600s. The little phillabeg, is actually an earlier predecessor of today’s modern kilt. Unlike a modern kilt, it is not a tailored garment. It is simply a length of tartan about 25″ wide and 4-6 yds long, loosely bunched or pleated, and held at the waist with a belt. It is worn to about the middle of the knee, just like any other kilt. One of the things that makes a phillabeg distinctive, is that it has a few inches of tartan flapping over the belt. This flap-over helps keep the belt in place — without it, the kilt might slip loose from the belt, leaving you standing in your skivvies (or worse!).


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