Bronze Spiral Torc Medium Braid – Size 13.5

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  • Comes in a medium braid style for the perfect balance between subtlety and durability
  • Approximately ⅜ inches or 6 mm thick—each necklace is high-quality and handcrafted
  • This necklace’s decorative spiral terminals create an elegant frame, with a choice between silver and bronze


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Spiral Torc Medium Weight

In ancient Celtic and other cultural mythologies, the spiral represents the sun, eternity, and the earth’s natural cycles. Embrace the Celtic connection to nature and the earth with a Spiral Torc in a Medium Braid. The medium braid style is approximately ⅜ inches, or 6 mm, thick for a durable and elegant accessory. Choose from either high-quality bronze or silver for your necklace to suit your preference and other jewelry. Each torc necklace is handcrafted in the USA.



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